Handling a Child with Fever

One of the hardest times on being a mom (or a parent) is when your child (especially infants or toddlers) is sick or not feeling well. Restless and sleepless days are experienced just to look after him/her and to make sure everything’s okay.


Why hard or what’s hard about it? Of course, above anything else, you do not want your beloved child to get sick and bear all the pain he/she may feel. It becomes harder if your child is still an infant or toddler who has not any capability of telling or pointing out which one hurts or how to help him/her ease the pain.

I’ll be sharing some guidelines and handling tips for your child with fever. Some of these are from the advice of our pediatrician and some are based on my experiences from my two little warriors.

  • My kids’ pediatrician (He was also my pedia way, way back.) DOES NOT RECOMMEND giving medication for fever in toddlers unless it is at least 38.9°C.
  • You have to discourage strenuous activities when he has fever as these could raise his body temperature more.
  • Utilize ORAL HYDRATION. Encourage him to drink PLENTY of water. Introduce him to clear fluids and foods with high water content such as soups, watermelon, coconut juice, etc.
  • KEEP HIM COOL. Forget about the old beliefs like keeping a feverish child warm covered with blankets, jackets, etc. These practices could actually lead to raise his body temperature. All you need to do is to allow him wear light clothes so that the body heat could escape. You may also remove his diapers or underwear/under garments. It is okay to use aircon, fan or open window to keep him cool. But in case your child chills, you may keep him warm with blanket until shaking subsides.
  • If you will give him a sponge bath, use lukewarm water. DO NOT USE alcohol or cold water when sponging. Alcohol fumes can be harmful for your infant or toddler when inhaled, while cold water may induce shivering.
  • NEVER FORCE him to eat full meal. Hence, feed him with small amounts FREQUENTLY. DO NOT give him heavy and fatty foods that are difficult to digest.
  • Acetaminophen is given to relieve aches, down the fever and help him improve sleep BUT make sure to consult your pediatrician for proper dosage and instructions depending on your child’s height/weight/age.

Here’s a table which will serve as your guideline when checking for fever:


Armpit 34°C to 37°C
Mouth or Ear 35°C to 37.5°C
Rectum 35°C to 38°C

Disclaimer: This table is based from the information provided by our children’s pediatrician.

Bear in my mind, how much panic you are, to give him TLC (Tender Loving Care). I believe this is the BEST medicine you can give right away to your sick child. And finally, PRAY that he will soon get better.

Hope these helps… Until next time!


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