That ITCHY bitchy feeling

Have you ever tried putting an X-mark with your fingernails on a mosquito bite? Be honest! Hahaha!


We automatically scratch our skin when we feel that killer itchiness…even if we didn’t like to! Relate? I know! Scratching gives us a temporary relief from it.




How does scratching temporarily relieves an itch?

▶ Scratching blocks nerve cells from sending information to the brain that a certain part of our body/skin feels itchy.


Home remedies:

▶Oatmeal bath. Oatmeals contains natural chemicals that eases inflammation/itchiness.

▶Keep yourself cool. Heat and sweat makes that itchy part MORE itchy. Put a cold compress or take a cool bath.


💡 Did you know…

It is not advisable to scratch itchy skin. That instant and temporary relief actually causes the itchiness to worsen and aggravate inflamed skin.


What other remedies/solutions do you know? Share them with us.


Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Goodnight everyone! -SJ

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