When Allergy Attacks on a Maundy Thursday

I know most of the families and friends are on a vacation today, and probably they spent it swimming in beaches or out of town. With me, I planned to spend this day preparing all the decorations for my son’s birthday on Sunday.

And since my grandmother is here in Cavite for the Holy Week vacation, my sister and I decided to do all these birthday projects at my mom’s house where she stays. When we arrived there, my dad showed us a live native chicken at their backyard which he said was bought from a neighbor the other day. My kids were excited to watch the chicken and at the same time afraid to go near.

My grandmother said she’ll cook it for us today. I asked her, what dish will she cook with that native chicken. She answered, “De-Leno,” It’s an unfamiliar recipe name to my ears. I followed up with another question on what was it or how would it be cooked. She mentioned that the chicken will be cooked in a pressure cooker with the broth,  seasoning and some onions. Afterwards, she’ll add ‘sotanghon’ and potatoes. That simple.

Meal time came…

Wow! The soup/broth was superb! T’was my first time to eat native chicken and it was a palatable dish.

After an hour. I sneezed and sneezed consecutively for 12 times I guess. My face suddenly feels thick and very itchy. I had bad colds right away (which I really do not have the day before or the hours before I went there). I know it’s an ALLERGY ATTACK.

A few minutes passed, I told my aunt my sister, “Tara na.” (“Let’s go.”) The reason is, I can feel that if I will not take meds, I might not be able to breathe well in a few more minutes because of the allergy. It’s just a walking distance anyway.

When we arrived home, I rushed to get an anti-histamine and take it. Then I drank lots of water and headed-off to my bedroom to get cooled with the a/c. My youngest son accompanied me here at my room and hugged me. He knows I don’t feel well. That simple hug means a lot to me. ❤❤❤

Look at my monster face…


Looking forward to get better really soon. I need to rest now. I feel sleepy because of the anti-histamine. Goodnight for now.



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