DIY Block Letters

Alright, I am done with my simple personalized loot bags tutorial. Now, I am going to teach you how to make block letters from used milk boxes.


Block letters can be used as decorations for parties and occasions, or fun way to add personal touch to your baby’s or kid’s room.


Materials needed:

🔨 Old/Used Boxes
🔨 Ruler
🔨 Pencil
🔨 Scissors
🔨 Glue Gun
🔨 Glue Sticks
🔨 Masking Tape
🔨 Spray Paint
🔨 Letter Patterns (Optional)


Some stores sell block letters or pre-cut letters, but it would likely be more expensive.


Since I have collected a LOT of milk boxes, I’ll be using them for this project. That is one importance of NOT throwing things which you think could be recycled in the future.




Let’s get started!


First, draw your desired letter on the cardboard/box. You may use letter patterns if you have or draw them freely. In this case, I utilized our room’s floor puzzle letters and trace them.





Next, cut out those letters with your scissors. Curves might be hard to cut especiallyif you have big scissors; you may switch using smaller ones or if you don’t have, cutter can also do the job. Be careful!




Bear in mind that you have yo prepare front and back letters. Now, prepare the connecting strips to your desired width. I made my connecting strips 2 inches wide and cut many 10mm sizes on each side so that it will be more pliable and I can easily form the shape of the letter.




Once you have the strips, you may start lining them around the edges with the support of masking tape inside. Use glue sticks to join them with the letters. (I originally used liquid glue and paste them but it didn’t work so I decided to use glue sticks.)






Finish all the letters needed and make them lively with the help of spray paint. Mine was just simple, one color, I chose blue to match my son’s birthday theme. Let them dry. I suggest you buy a quick dry spray paint.






You can be as creative as you can to design the block letters. You may use different colors or you can add some accents like buttons, pebbles, or shells. Some like to put glitters, too.


Place them in a nice spot where your guests can easily notice.












Hope you liked this tutorial!




  1. So informative! I used to keep anything which I think is useful until one day, I decided to throw everything. My son will be turning one this August and his father and grandmother would want him to have a birthday party. I disagree as nanghihinayang ako sa gastos. But with your tips, I might as well give in and prepare for a party. Thanks for this again. And more to come, please.

    Liked by 1 person

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