The doctor is always ‘IN’ with MediCard’s My Pocket Doctor

MediCard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO) provider, gives a time-saving and convenient option to get medical consultations anytime, anywhere with the My Pocket Doctor.




Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines, says, “My Pocket Doctor is definitely a game changer especially in the medical field. It is also our way of using modernized technology to make medical consultations handy for everyone. With less waiting time, patients can now get in touch easily with a medical doctor and get consultations instantly, at the comfort of their homes or offices.”


To use My Pocket Doctor, simply register on the My Pocket Doctor website ( or via the app through the App Store or Google Play Store and wait for an activation link with username and password. Users can also register via text by sending their email address and cellphone number to 29290DOCTOR (or 2929036-2867) and wait for a call from a nurse to complete their one-time registration.


After registration, a nurse will call the member for assessment to schedule the consultation with one of their doctors. A medical doctor will call the patient for a check-up and give prescriptions or instructions. Video call via webcam can also be done during medical consultation for cases that need visual assessment such as skin rashes.


My Pocket Doctor has highly competent, well-trained and unbiased medical doctors from Europe and Philippines who can cover up to 70% of all health issues in a consultation and are available 24/7, ensuring members an accessible and credible medical service.


The MediCard My Pocket Doctor Card is for sale at P450 at select MediCard free-standing clinics. Soon, the card will be also sold online through MediCard’s online store.


  1. I want to win this My Pocket Doctor because it will be very convenient on my end to consult a doctor and ask nurse’s assistance in a comfort of not leaving the house. I am taking caring of my daughter while my wife is out and there are times that I am not really feeling well. Having a doctor on call is a great help ensuring that I will get proper medical help and attention and will be real fine anytime especially when taking caring of my daughter.


  2. I want to win My Pocket Doctor even if I already have my company’s HMO because I know that I can use this My Pocket Doctor anywtime especially when I need an urgent help of a doctor at home. How techy it is to have a online consulatation and gettng an assistance without leaving home. Its so hassle free because I been always experiencing waiting for a couple of hours in queue just to consult a doctor, My Pocket Doctor will allow me to save time, money, and effort.


  3. I want to win My Pocket Doctor because you never know what will happen in the future,you always need to be prepare and this will be a great help to save money,effort on going to a doctor on some light cases.


  4. I want to win this My Pocket Doctor because it will be a great help not just for me but especially to my mom I would like her to have a general check up because she always complain about her shoulder and knees and to ensure here proper medication and care and suggestion about her diet nutiritiion and also as a treat for her on this upcoming mothers day I would like to give her the best.


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