Pen Pen de Sarapen

Children nowadays have been VERY hooked with gadgets even at an early age of 2. Why? It is because parents, themselves, give their kids cellphones and tablets to keep them from crying or to make them busy while they are doing their other chores.


But what happens? These gadgets steal their childhood.  Most of the children get sick easily or they are weak because they are used to staying at one place with their gadgets.  Not only that, their ability to think and express creativeness becomes stagnant.


On the other hand, these electronic devices help them to learn other things that the internet provides.  Yet, everything should be balanced.


So what do I suggest?  Plan a schedule of their activities:

  1. With Gadget/s
  2. Without Gadget/s





After plotting their week’s schedule, explain to them your plan and purpose, in a way that they can easily understand.


In my case, I introduced them to the games I used to play when I was a kid.  One of those is Pen Pen de Sarapen. What is Pen Pen de Sarapen? It is a popular children’s rhyming chant in the Philippines.  The verses don’t make much sense but the words are fun to say.  Certain parts of the song may get the child excited and giggly.




The song was then converted to a game.  How do we play this?

  1. Lay down your hands on the table.
  2. Assign a moderator who will lead the game.
  3. The moderator will sing the song while pointing at every finger of the participants per syllable.
  4. The last finger pointed at the end of the song should be bent.
  5. Repeat the song until one finger is left. And that is the WINNER!


The winner  may then choose what punishment shall be given to each losing participants.  Punishments must be simple but fun for kids.  Examples:

  • Jump 10 times.
  • Sing a song.
  • Spell the name using body parts.
  • Do a crazy dance.


If you are not familiar with the rhythm of the song, here it is:

My children enjoyed the game. It was indeed a fun Saturday-morning for us. Teach and play this game with your children, too! Have a happy bonding!



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