How to Cover Books in 2 Minutes

It’s almost school time! For sure, most of you are done buying school supplies for your kids including their school books and notebooks. Are you done covering them? If not, I’ll be sharing with you an easy way to cover them efficiently.


I lived during the Jurassic era, when my mom used to buy rolls of plastic covers and adhesive tapes to cover my books when I was a school girl. After which, spending HOURS to cover everything. YES, we do cover our books and notebooks. We wanted to make it presentable and preserve it for the entire school year (or even as reference for future use). Without book cover, we can call them brochures. LOL.


It was a little while back that I’ve found out that there are so-called contact book covers or adhesive book covers. I don’t know when this was invented but I just recently discovered about it…like a month ago. 🙂 So now, to those who haven’t heard it YET, allow me to share with you how cool it is.



So, here it is. I have bought it from National Bookstore for 120 pesos for 10 pcs. Not actually bad for a quite magic. LOL. The one I bought is a plain plastic adhesive cover, but if you can see at the right photo, there are a lot of designs that you can choose from (embossed).


Let’s get started with this very quick tutorial.




Get a piece of contact book cover. Lay down the book and see how much adhesive book cover you have to cut.




Detach the center part of the adhesive cover and stick it in the middle of the book as shown above. Then peel a small portion of the non-adhesive side in front and glide it across.




DO NOT remove the entire non-adhesive part right away, otherwise, it may stick wrongly or with bubbles. Push the non-adhesive part by two hands or even one hand. Check out this short clip I did:


Cut the corners slanted/triangle and fold it inside. Flip the book and do the same thing on the other side. And it’s done!



Now you can cover school books in no time! Really cool, isn’t it? 🙂