BubbleMan: An Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Liquid

I keep endorsing BubbleMan because I really LOVE this particular dishwashing liquid!




I have always used this brand (since I’ve known BubbleMan dishwashing liquid), it’s formulated to be eco-friendly and never did I become disappointed with the way it cleans our dishes and my sons’ toys.


YES, I said my sons’ toys too!


One of it’s variants is an anti-bacterial one which really helps disinfecting and cleaning my sons’ toys very well. It also becomes a good bonding also to me and my eldest son as we clean their toys together. I allow my son to clean with me because BubbleMan is easy to rinse-off, and I should say, it’s safe.




I have allergic reactions to most of laundry aids and BubbleMan came as my solution. And as I always say, I SUPERRR LOVE the way it SQUEAKY cleans everything!


This is like a MAGIC IN A BOTTLE! It has a fantastic formula that helps you clean your dishes EFFORTLESS. This product doesn’t leave streaks unlike the dishwashing paste I used before. It dissolves grease perfectly! It has a GREAT sustainable action of grease removal and really perfect even if you’re in a hurry because you can rinse it off easily.


I love how it leaves such a good shine on our dishes and the scent is superb! It also feels really mild on the hands, therefore, you can use it even without hand gloves.


Not only that, it’s VERY AFFORDABLE which is VERY beneficial to budgeting mom’s like me! The last time I’ve checked the grocery stores, it’s on buy one take one promo. The smallest size is at 55 pesos (2 bottles) and the bigger is at 120 pesos (2 bottles). How cool is that?!




This dishwashing liquid is the best I’ve found so far. I will continue to buy it and wouldn’t try other products in this line.



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