United Nations Celebration Does Not Excite Me

UN Celebration does not excite me UNTIL it became the FIRST EVER school program that my son participated with.


When I learned that Kinder 2 will be joining this year’s UN Celebration, I right away checked if a specific national costume will be assigned to them so that I can plan for Aki. I found out that he’ll be part of two production numbers. The first one is a dance number, “Jai Ho”, in which they will pay for a set of costume, and the second is a song (chorale)  and interpretative number, “Yesterday’s Dream”, where they will wear a costume of their chosen country.

So, for the first part, I don’t have a problem anymore since the costume will be provided and we’ll just have to pay for it. For the second one, considering our “tight” budget, I thought of re-using the American suit set that he wore during my cousin’s wedding last June. I’ll thought of adding more USA accents like Uncle Sam’s hat, USA flag and a sash.

His Uncle Sam’s hat is a DIY hat made by yours truly.


  • illustration board/cardboard
  • red cartolina/red art paper
  • dark blue cartolina/blue art paper
  • paper plate
  • double adhesive tape/glue
  • packaging tape
  • stapler
  • garter


This hat is very easy to make. Cut the red strips and glue them in the illustration board (as seen in the above photo) and then a longer blue strip and glue it horizontally at the bottom. Then join the ends of the illustration board to form a cylinder with a packaging tape. Measure a round shape of red cartolina at the top of the cylinder, cut and stick it with double adhesive or glue. Cut the middle of the paper plate (round), be sure to leave extra half inch to fold and stick inside the cylinder. Then measure the garter to your child and staple it at the two sides of the hat. That’s it!

So, before the UN Celebration comes, we were practicing the dance and the song number. We first run through the song and memorized it with Yoshi. I’m so glad that there’s YouTube that we were able to find the steps for the interpretative production number (my son told me it has the same steps) so we were able to practice well. And for the “Jai Ho”, since I don’t know the steps, I just played and played the music and followed how my son dances. Atleast, he got me and Yoshi as backup dancers so he won’t get bored practicing.


And then, the most-awaited school program came! We were so early at school so prepared. My younger son was a little jealous that he also wanted to wear a costume. I told him that next year, he’ll join them. 🙂


And here’s the video:

I’m a proud mom of that smiling and active boy! Jai Ho!

Aki and Me!

And as mentioned, they wore the costume of their chosen country…

I haven’t uploaded the video of the second part of their presentation on YouTube yet so for the meantime, if you want to see the steps of the song “Yesterday’s Dream” or their performance, you can watch it on my FB: Click HERE.



Overall, it was a success because my son joined the rest of his classmates and didn’t have tantrums the entire program. Now I’m looking forward to the next school program. Bring it on! 🙂


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