Top 5 Extremely Cool Kitchen Toys

Cooking is always fun. It releases stress and brings out the creativity in you. But even though cooking is enjoyable, it would still be better to have some cool and unique kitchen tools or as most call it, KITCHEN TOYS!


Here’s the top 5 cool kitchen toys on my wish list:


#1 – Butter Cutter


Hassle-free, perfect cut of butter! A great tool to start your day.


#2 – Burger Grilling Basket

I like this burger grilling basket because it has compartments for each burger patties. There’s no need to flip each burger patties one at a time. How cool is that?


#3 – Bread Slicer


Most of us are struggling in cutting the bread in halves perfectly. I think this cool kitchen gadget is a great tool that resolves this problem. This slicer guide helps the bread to become more stable, thus cutting it in the center makes everything easy.  Plus it’s safer because you won’t need to worry in cutting your palm.


#4 – Herbs Slicer


This tool makes cutting of herbs easier and faster. This is for the win instead of chopping your herbs with a knife or using an ordinary scissors.


#5 – Jalapeño Corer


This kitchen tool is designed to remove the core of Jalapeño/pepper efficiently.  With this, you’ll be much ready to make ‘dynamite’ food for your friends and family.


There’s a LOT of innovative kitchen tools I found on web but for now, these are my top 5. I hope I could receive one of these this coming Christmas. Will you be generous enough? Hahaha!



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