My One-Day Christmas Shopping



Yes, it’s 3 days to go until Christmas day and I woke up with full blast energy because today is a BIG day for me. No-no, it’s not my birthday nor anyone from my family… It’s a big day for me because today is my ONE-DAY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DAY. Super redundant? I noticed that, too. Hehe 🙂


After starting my Christmas countdown yesterday (4 days to go ’til Christmas) at my social media accounts, I realized that I am not yet prepared for the coming Christmas day. No gifts for my family yet, no groceries, nothing! Well, yes, except that our Christmas tree is up and the Christmas socks of my kids are already hanging. So, I slept early last night for today’s “big” day.




I woke up fueled up today, ready for an action-packed Christmas shopping. Some quick points to remember when you’re planning to have a full day Christmas shopping:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – Choose clothes that you’ll feel at ease and relaxed while shopping. You don’t need to wear dresses with very tight belt to look sexy or whatever your motive is. Your goal for this day is to complete your shopping and grocery list, not to flaunt your fashion style or be a ramp model in the middle of the supermarket. For shoes, wear something flat and comfortable, something that won’t be a load for a long day walking around the mall.
  • Get a list of things that you will buy at the grocery store. Plan your menu ahead. This will help you manage your time better with lesser chance of missing any ingredients.
  • Make a list also of the people you are going to give gifts. If you can write across their names the gifts you think they would like, the better.
  • Go out alone or plus one companion who can help you carry things (or be a hero to fall in line at the cashier while you grab the last items from your grocery list. Haha!). DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT BRING KIDS. It is of greater percentage that they’ll have tantrums when they get bored.


So, today’s the day!




I started the day at the mall with my groceries. Why? (1) Since it’s already December 22, I assumed that there will be long queues at the cashiers. And I am right. Good thing I already planned my menu and jot down the ingredients. I was able to finish everything in 2 hours. (2) Priorities, food before gifts. I don’t want to spend my money to buy gifts for everyone at first and then sacrifice the food that we’ll eat or even the basic necessities at home. So, whatever’s left from my Christmas shopping budget after doing the groceries, that’ll be the money I will spend for the gifts for my family.


Want to know what are the GOOD DEALS I got for gifts?




  • Entity – men’s cologne and lotion (Php 149/box)
  • Fashionable earphones – (Php 149 each) There are also some cute earphones that costs Php 129 each, these doesn’t have mic (pure earphones) and some because they doesn’t have pouch or casing.
  • Nivea gift pack – lotion, soap, deodorant and facial cream (Php 159)
  • Flash Cards/Picture Cards – I bought two packs: shapes/colors and fruits/vegetables. (Php 160)
  • Bath brush/sponge with wood handle – It’s 2-in-1, has long wood handle to reach the back and can be converted to a smaller one for reachable body parts (Php 109)
  • Glam BB Cream – a good deal which is buy 2 take 1 (Php149 each)
  • Hurricane – free size shirt (Php 99)
  • Pentel drawing set – drawing book/coloring book, color pens, oil pastels (Php 149)


There are some of the cheap items I got at the department store. You can really score a lot of good deals out there, just be patient and have plenty of time to roam around. But of course, when it comes to gift giving, it is always the thought that counts. The importance of remembering them, and giving back.


But do you know what’s the most important thing to remember on December 25?


“Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”

-Luke 2:11


Bills Payment is Now Easy with Bayad Center Online!

Hate long queues when paying your bills? Additional cost for transportation just to pay your bills?

WORRY no more!

Bayad Center is our country’s most trusted bills payment service center. Now, they have considered the importance of digitalization and making the “lives” of their customers easy. Their service revolutionized to a MORE CONVENIENT solution as they launched their online bills paymentwhich is the BAYAD CENTER ONLINE.


Paying through this bills payment online service is also the same as paying to Bayad Center outlets or business centers. But, the BEST PART is the avoidance of long queues and no traffic going to the outlets!

Bills Payment Services Offered:

  • Electricity
    • Meralco
    • APEC (Albay Power  and Energy Corp.)
    • Balamban Enerzone
    • BATELEC II (Batangas II Electric Coop., Inc.)
    • Beneco (Benguet)
    • Cotabato Light
    • Davao Light
    • Ileco I (Iloilo I Electric Coop., Inc.)
    • Ileco II (Iloilo II Electric Coop., Inc.)
    • INEC (Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative)
    • Leyeco II (Leyte II Electric Corp)
    • Mactan Enerzone
    • Pangasinan I Electric (PANELCO I)
    • Pangasinan III Electric (PANELCO III)
    • Pelco II (Pampanga II Electric Co. Inc.)
    • Subic Enerzone
    • Tarelco I (Tarlac I Electric Coop. Inc.)
    • Tarelco II
    • Veco (Visayan Electric Company)
  • Water
    • Baliwag Water District
    • Prime Water
    • BP Waterworks, Inc.
    • First Peak Resources
    • Goodhands Water Specialist
    • Happywell Management
    • Laguna Water
    • Manila Water
    • Marilao Water District
    • Maynilad Water Services
    • Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD)
    • Meycauayan Water
    • Norzagaray Water District
    • San Jose Del Monte Water District
    • Silang Water District
  • Landline
    • ABS CBN Mobile
    • Bayan Telecommunications
    • Clarktel
    • Digitel
    • Globe
    • Maratel, Inc.
    • Piltel
    • Subic Telecom
  • Cellular Phones
    • ABS CBN Mobile
    • Digitel Mobile Philippines
    • Smart
    • Sun
  • Internet
    • ABS CBN Mobile
    • Bayan Telecomunnications
    • Destiny Cable (Sky Cable)
    • Digitel
    • Infocom (an ePLDT company)
    • Sky Broadband (Sky Internet)
    • Smart
    • Sun Broadband Wireless
  • Real Estate
    • Bria Homes
    • Brittany
    • Camella Homes
    • Carissa Homes
    • Crown Asia
    • Extraordinary Development Corp
    • First Advance
    • Lumina
    • Micaza Properties
  • Cable TV
    • Aclans Cable Network
    • AsianVision
    • Batangas CATV
    • Batangas CATV – Buan
    • CableLink (Bacoor)
    • CableLink (Biñan)
    • CableLink (Cainta)
    • CableLink (Caloocan)
    • CableLink (Imus)
    • CableLink (internet)
    • CableLink (Las Piñas)
    • CableLink (Makati)
    • CableLink (Malabon)
    • CableLink (Mandaluyong)
    • CableLink (Manila1)
    • CableLink (Manila2)
    • CableLink (Marikina)
    • CableLink (Muntinlupa)
    • CableLink (Navotas)
    • CableLink (Parañaque)
    • CableLink (Pasay)
    • CableLink (Pasig)
    • CableLink (Pateros)
    • CableLink (QC 1)
    • CableLink (QC2)
    • CableLink (QC3)
    • CableLink (QC4)
    • CableLink San Juan
    • CableLink Taguig
    • CableLink Valenzuela
    • Colorview CATV
    • Colorview CATV Bo., Berretto
    • Destiny Cable
    • Excellite CATV Batangas
    • iBlaze
    • JM Cable Network
    • Met Cable
    • MyCATV
    • Northstar Cable
    • Northwest Cable (Iba)
    • Northwest Cable (Masinloc)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Calabarzon)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Camanava/Rizal)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Cebu)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Davao)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Gensan)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Iloilo)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Tagum)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Urdaneta FICATV)
    • Pilipino Cable Corp (Zamboanga)
    • Plus Cable
    • Quezon CATV
    • Sky Cable (Sky Internet)
    • Subic CATV
    • Subic CATV San Marcelino
    • Tayabas Resources Ventures
    • Verdant Cable
    • MyCATV
  • School
    • Adamson University
    • APEC Schools
  • Memorial Plan
    • Eternal Gardens Memorial Park
    • Eternal Plans
    • Manila Memorial Park
  • Online Shopping
    • Peso Pay
  • Charity
    • One Meralco Foundation
    • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    • World Vision

Same as the Bayad Center outlets, there’s also a cut off time which is 8pm (PH time). Payment will be posted with 24 hours. Please note of the applied charges (system fee) but of lesser amount as compared if you are going to commute and pay for your transportation going to Bayad Centers.

Let me know your experience. 🙂