TOP 12 MS Excel Shortcuts that You Should Know

It’s sad to accept the fact that during our school years, we did not learn much about MS Excel, well in fact it is the MOST used application/software (or whatever it should be properly called) when we enter the corporate world or simply when we start working. Honestly, I just learned the actual Excel when I started working in the office. Most of the things I learned about Excel are self-study, some are from our office trainings and some are from YouTube.


There’s a TON of MS Excel shortcuts but let me share with you some beneficial keyboard shortcuts that you should know. Open your MS Excel application and feel free to try the below shortcuts as we go along.


(Disclosure: These are random shortcuts depending on which I remembered first. ^_^)










How was it? Hope these will be useful to you as these are to me. 🙂


Do you want to know more tips and tricks on Excel? Let me know which field or topic, or if you have questions that I may be able to answer. Comment down below.