Top Social Manners You Should Teach Your Child

What is an etiquette? It refers to socially acceptable behavior. It means good behavior which distinguishes human from animals.

At a very young age, you should teach your child how to behave well and how to respond correctly especially to elders. This way, you can be proud to let everyone know that you have raised a good person.

Let me share with you the top social manners that every children should know.


  1. Say PLEASE when asking.

  2. Say THANK YOU when receiving.

  3. Say EXCUSE ME when you have to pass by or if you need to go out/leave an ongoing conversation esp in class or group conversation.

  4. Look IN THE EYES when talking to someone.

  5. LET others to FINISH before you speak.

  6. Shake hands FIRMLY.

  7. Say po or opo, yes ma’am or yes sir when talking to grown ups.

  8. GREET people with “Hi!”, “Hello!”, or “How are you?”.

  9. Say SORRY when you’ve done something wrong.

  10. OPEN DOORS for others or OFFER help.


Teach these things to your children in a nice way and avoid yelling just to let them know what they should do. Why? Yelling silences your message. Speak quietly so children CAN HEAR YOUR WORDS instead of just your voice.


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