The Ultimate Guide to Pass a Phone Interview


A good CV is not enough to get you a job. Most of the companies want you to go through phone interview first. If you have applied for a job, ALWAYS be ready ’cause your phone might ring any time for an interview.


Here are some tips to ace a phone interview:



Be prepared! This is a REAL interview! NEVER let your interviewer feel that they are interrupting what you are currently doing. Impress your interviewer so that you can make it to the next step.




Do some research. “Google” the company. Check what and how they are doing. Read about them in the news and scour their website. These are vital so that you will have more confidence during the interview.




Go to a quiet room. Take out all distractions including television. Don’t just put it on mute. Turn it off! You have to focus on the interview alone. Do not shuffle papers on the background. Close the window to block out street sounds.




Follow the three-second rule: Pause for 3 seconds before answering questions. It simply shows you’re thinking and understanding the question rather than pushing yourself to fill the silence, and also, to avoid accidentally speaking over your interviewer. STAND UP and SMILE so that you’ll feel more confident during the conversation. Take a deep breath and SPEAK CLEARLY. Allow your voice to be your body language. KEEP YOUR ANSWERS CONCISE and to the point. NEVER speak in a monotone voice and avoid filler words such as ummm, ahhh, you know. And of course, listen very well to the interviewer to be able to give relevant answers.




Take notes of the the questions, comments and feedback. These are helpful to prepare for the following interview.


FINISH STRONG. Getting to the next level is about the WHOLE phone interview: how you start, how it went and how the call ended. You can say, “I’d like to thank you for your time and consideration.” Then, you may also ask what the next steps are.


Make your dreams happen. Sending you good luck vibes!


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