On Gaming and Trash Talks

I am a gamer since 2006. I’ve become addicted to FreeStyle Online Street Basketball Philippines and have been attending FSPH events and tournaments within Metro Manila (Philippines).  The funny part is, I am not fond of or really into watching basketball games (whether local or international) AT ALL. I just found that game sooo addicting. I spent a lot of (almost) sleepless nights at computer shops (‘coz I was just renting a house at Narnia). 🙂 I have strayed away from my life goals and it seems like there’s nothing I can do to possibly come back and make that time up. I’ve been addicted 101% on that game. I’m not a “pro” in this field, I am just hooked into the game.



I stopped playing that online game when I had kids. Priorities. Then I’ve found out that they removed FSPH and moved to an international server as FreeStyle 2. I don’t have the full (correct) details though.


Then, recently, my favorite game is back but now on smartphones! I was so excited! I thought to myself, I can play the game again wherever I am and even before I sleep, and still can do my daily routines and obligations. It’s named Freestyle 2 Basketball Hero.


photo credits: Basketball Hero




It’s almost similar to the old FSPH, though there are still a lot of rooms for improvement. It’s been 3 seasons since I started playing this addictive game. I’ve been playing alone (without any guilds) until I’ve reached level 38. They said that max level is 50, though I am not sure of it yet. Then, about two weeks ago, I finally found a club to join!




The co-leader of the team (Baked Club) fooled me that the team is for all Pinay (Filipina) members ONLY. When they added me to the GC (group chat), I’ve found out that there’s only one female (plus me). Hahaha! But anyways, they were all so funny, accommodating and friendly so I remained to be in the club. YASSS! I now have a BH club, definitely not a loner anymore! 🙂



First question is, what’s Baked Club? What does that mean or how is it related to BH? I tried to search and saw that baked (not referring to cooking) means high on something, addicted. So I said, “Oooh, addicted to BH.” Cool eh! One great advantage of being a part of this amazing (emerging) club is that, you can have an instant teammates to play with. They share tips and insights that they know about the game. Mini tournaments are also being held within the club to retain the camaraderie of the team. And if you’re lonely or experiencing LAG (latency at game), you can hang around the GC and throw jokes with each other.


Things went by smoothly, then, something happened. There was a sudden (REALLY SUDDEN) collision between me and one of the pioneers (co-leader) of our team. That’s one of those “epic fail jokes” that caused misunderstanding…and more.


What happened? We had an extra prize to raffle among the members who joined the “mini event” that the leaders organized. They were asking how can they pick the lucky winner. Then this person I am telling about said that he has an idea, I threw him a simple joke “MARAMI KANG ALAM” (You knew a lot or You know everything.) He took it seriously, got mad, and left the group. It was a JOKE! Anyone from our team throws jokes more harsh than that! Come on! But at the same time, I felt guilty somehow ‘coz I am just a newbie to team and made myself disrespectful of the co-leader. Whew!


They even tried to talk to him to hear his side and he mentioned that there is already a “pro gamer” (referring to me) in the group and that the group doesn’t need him. He also said that the “pro gamer” is very “pro” that can even “block” in chats. I totally get what he meant. I feel disheartened.



One thing to share…

If you’re a gamer, whether a pro or noob, there’s is an inevitable possibility of being trash talked. It could be a way of intimidating other gamers, your hatred or anger towards an inexperienced ones, or JUST THROWING IT OUT AS HUMOR. So, I really don’t get it if a gamer is peevish. Trash talks are part of gamer’s life and throwing jokes also among members is NOT a NEW thing.


I don’t want other team members to have a wrong impression of me or to my intentions. So I left the group, too. Though everyone is different, I just find it irritating when someone could not carry on with your jokes especially when you know that everyone from the club is doing JUST THE SAME. I am an emotional person in a way, and sometimes, I think I need a mental health day to get my self together from such stressful experiences. I really don’t want to feel heaviness on my chest.


Then, two of my closest buddies from the club encouraged me to join back. They’ve told me that everyone understands me (and what happened) and that they’ve been thinking that he really just found a good timing to leave the club ‘coz they’ve seen him being a part of another club right after he left the group (in a matter of minutes). I honestly still feel guilty about it, but their encouragement brought me back to the club.




But I’m thankful for the whole team for being understanding about the situation…




Now that I’m back to my group of friends (teammates), I promised myself to be more careful and be more sensitive of others (crossing my fingers). Jokes will still be there. But for sure, I’ve learned something from that experience.


“Growing up is not easy, so take it easy.”


Before I park, shout out to Geedie (SG) and KiDD (C), our leader and co-leader respectively. Thank you! Poweeerrr!!! 🙂



The ex co-leader who left the team joined back. He’s not an “ex” co-leader anymore. 🙂 And the interesting part, WE’RE NOW GOOD FRIENDS AND IN-GAME BUDDIES! That’s life! And I feel lighter now. All good! 🙂








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