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How to go to Enchanted Kingdom from Cavite

Christmas vacation is coming! If you’re planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom, you’ve landed on the right page.


Looong time ago, the “ride-all-you-can” pass in EK (Enchanted Kingdom) was around 450-500. But now, it went up to Php 800 on weekdays and Php 900 on weekends. Double the price! But anyway, it’s the fun and memories that will count. Right?


But if you’re planning to go especially on a big group, I would suggest that you look for discounts online. You can try You may score a weekend-ticket for around Php 600-700. It would really be a great deal! Please be reminded that when you book online, you’re a hundred percent sure on the date. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra amount per head if you need to move it on a later date. And also, be ready for a printed copy of the booking form/receipt and a valid I.D. when you go there.



At the date of your visit, I strongly suggest to bring extra clothes (shirt, shorts and underwear). You’ll totally get soaked at some of the rides especially at Rio Grande. Although, clothes and disposable underwear are being sold there, they COST more than the price outside. And of course, you don’t want to spend extra penny for those. I would also advice to bring plastic bags to secure your belongings and bags from the rides/attractions that will make you wet. BTW, EK is open from 11 am to 9 pm only.


Let’s go!



Alright, so, if you’ll go to EK from Molino, Bacoor and you don’t have a car or service, here’s how…


First, take a jeep going to Paliparan. The fare is less than Php 20 and the journey may take 20-30 minutes (from Molino 3). Once you’re there, look for the red cab terminal. It will bring you to SM Dasma/SM Pala-Pala or Robinson’s Pala-Pala. The fare is also less than Php 20 and the travel time would be around 10-15 minutes. Now, when you arrived, go to the UV express terminal at the back of McDonald’s Pala-Pala. There’s a ticketing booth and pay Php 55. The van will bring you to Walter Mart, Calamba. I guess the travel time will take 15-20 minutes. Lastly, ride a tricycle from Walter Mart, inform the driver to bring you to EK. The fare will be Php 45.



If you booked online (example, via, proceed to sales ticket office at booth 1. You don’t need to go in a long queue anymore. That’s the second advantage, other than the big discount that you got. Then go to the main entrance, have your bags checked (food from outside is not allowed), scan the bar code of your ticket, get a stamp from the EK staff and enter the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom! Haha!



When going home, you can ride a tricycle for Php 45 to the UV express terminal and then pay Php 55 going back to Pala-Pala. From there, you can either ride a red cab going to Paliparan or a jeepney going to Salitran. Then Paliparan to Molino or Salitran to Salawag (Php 12 for tricycle) then Salawag to Molino.


That’s it! Advance MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


[Thanks TeamPH and friends for the wonderful time!]



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