An Honest Experience with Honestbee

Honestbee is an online concierge and delivery service. They basically shop for you based on your choices from their website and deliver them to you at your desired time of delivery.


I actually have heard about this service long time ago and it was just recently that I was able to try it. Since I am busy at work on weekdays and most of the time have OT’s, I thought of trying out their service.


I went to their website,, and quickly browse on some important items that we need at home. These includes my kids’ milk and some basic kitchen/cooking stuffs. Their website is very user-friendly. What you see is what you get. If you have some trouble or have queries, you can right away chat with a customer service assistant from the same site.


After just a few minutes of browsing and adding some things in my cart, I was able to checkout and even have online payment smoothly. For the delivery, it was so cool to share with you that I am able to set it on the same day with my my desired time. The price for delivery is also very cheap, Php 49.00! Then, I received an email confirming my order which includes the following information:

  • Tracking/Order Number
  • Date and Time of Delivery
  • Total Amount
  • Delivery Address
  • Delivery Note (in case you have indicated any on your checkout)
  • Your Contact Number
  • Itemized orders


I also received an sms regarding the same order. From time to time, I have received text messages regarding the status of my order but you can also track it from their website whether they are already preparing them or in transit for delivery.


It’s so cool and I can say, “AMAZING!”, that they have delivered it on time! My orders are well-packaged, placed in an eco-bag, and really taken cared of by the delivery boy. After digitally signing their tool, confirming that I have received my order, I rated their service online perfectly. I also received my final digital receipt via email.


All done, delivered fresh and fast! WOOOW!


It was indeed a good impression and experience from a first-timer. I would definitely use their service again and I do hope they’ll add more choices soon!


Now, checking their FB page, I’ve seen that they have a new and exciting promo. You’ll only pay Php 2.00 for food and grocery delivery until 22 April 2018!


Photo Credits: Honestbee


Just use the code HONESTBEE for grocery and BEEHONEST for food! HOW COOL IS THAT?!! 🙂



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