Dragon Nest M: Gathering Party – Manila

Recently, Dragon Nest M has announced that there will be a gathering/event to be held here in Manila, Philippines for the DNM players. Players/Guilds are encouraged to register ahead online. However, it’s limited to 10 members per guild only. The registration time started on the 7th of July and ended on the 15th of July. The registration form includes:

  • your email address
  • if your registering as an individual or for a guild
  • IGN (in game name)
  • partner’s in-game name (if you’re coming as an individual, you can bring +1 who is also a DNM player)
  • server
  • contact number
  • your FB personal account’s link
  • country of residence
  • city

But if you’re coming/registering as a guild here’s the list of what info they need from you:

  • guild leader’s IGN
  • guild name
  • server
  • IGN of 10 members

Chosen players received a call from an international number if they are invited to the event. Lucky!

Photo Credits: Dragon Nest M SEA


Yes, the event happened yesterday. It was very timely that I also went to MOA to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I met her during the peak of Basketball Hero mobile game (She’s also a DNM player.) and until now, we’re best of friends!


So yah, we ate first at Ramen Nagi, also in MOA. It was our first time to try there. We originally reserved for 3 because she said she’s bringing another friend with her…but at the last minute, we were only two because her friend (also a DNM player) went straight to DNM’s event at SMX building.



I arrived first at Ramen Nagi, and it was so funny that when I requested for reservation… I forgot my name in the first 2 seconds when the lady asked for it! So I said, “Ava.” It’s my in-game name. Hahaha!!! We both had Original King Butao ramen, hers was free because she presented her valid I.D. for the birthday promo. 🙂 The ramen was sooo delish!!!!



Cheating is not allowed hahah!!!



Yummersss!!! (We actually ordered additional noodles haha!)



SERENE (Server S17) & AVA (Server PH1)


After that super satisfying food that we had, we went to SMX…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A lot of players attended the event, invited and not. HAHA!!! Guilds took the opportunity to have their team EB’s. Everyone’s so happy and enjoyed the gathering. Unfortunately, my guildmates from IMPERIAL didn’t make it to the event due to the bad weather and other earlier personal commitments. But it was okay because Julie (IGN: SERENE ) adopted me for a moment to join their group (Olympus Guild S17).






[OLYMPUS Guild S17] IGN PinkMilk (seated at the middle in stripes top) won in one of the PVP matches (reward: shirt, cap and 2888 DC). He’s the one included in our Ramen Nagi reservation. 🙂 ~CTTO

There were intense pvp games, mini games and some intermission numbers. Cosplayers are also present showcasing the different classes in DNM. However, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of them. They were also generous enough to provide buffet snacks for the attendees. Lots of in-game and DNM freebies were given to the participating players. However, I left early (well, around past 7pm) and didn’t finish the event because I live in a faraway land (Haha!). BTW, they also had raffle draw of Oppo cellphone (their sponsor) and I’ve heard plus 6888 dragon coins as well. Cool!


Gathering Party Reward

Raffle prize ~CTTO


I enjoyed the entire afternoon ’til evening because it’s only seldom that I go out. I’ve met new friends as well, DNM players from different server. Going out on a rainy day was indeed worth it.


Are you a DNM player too? Did you also attend the gathering? What’s your IGN, class and server? Let’s get to know each other! 🙂


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