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Christmas is coming!

Let’s start practicing how to make a perfect Leche Flan and impress our families and guests! 🙂



12 pcs eggyolks

1 ½ can condensed milk

1 ½ can evaporated milk

2 tsps lemon juice

½ cup caramelized sugar (¾ cups sugar boiled in ½ cup water)



  1. Beat the eggyolks.
  2. Add the lemon juice. Mix well.
  3. Strain the mixture to make it fine. Set aside.
  4. Pour caramelized sugar in a molder (llanera). Others have a different technique, they put the sugar directly in the molder then melt or allow it to caramelize over heat.
  5. Pour the eggyolk mixture. Tap it to remove unwanted bubbles.
  6. Steam for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  7. Remove them from the steamer and let it cool for a while.
  8. Refrigerate.


Now, it’s your time to try.

The finer, the better. So, try and try until you succeed haha!


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