My Everyday Makeup

Here’s how I do my makeup routine…

I start it by cleansing my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser. I like this facial cleanser because I can really feel that it cleanses deep down my face, removing dirt and oil. And yes, I have an oily face. Then, I rinse and wipe it off.

Afterwards, I use Fresh Skinlab’s Jeju Aloe Ice wipes. This is actually a makeup remover. However, I like wiping my face with this before applying makeup because it has a cooling effect on the skin. Aside from that, I feel like it cleanses my face more and hydrates my skin too!

Next, I apply makeup base by Jazzy Collection. I only put small amount on my palm (about 3 drops) and it can already cover my entire face. Sometimes, I use Myra’s Vitaglow BB cream as base.

Then, I apply Ever Bilena’s Pro Flawless Finish Foundation (liquid) and blend it well with blending brush. For the dark circles in my eyes, I use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind which is a treatment concealer for dark circles. I like this product because it does its job well and it’s easy to apply. You just need to twist it until the product reaches the brush portion and then you apply it directly. Then, I use Ever Bilena’s Concealer stick (medium shade), to cover scars, pimples (if there’s any), as well as the deep lines at the side of my nose (in between nose and corner of lips) on my face. Then, I cover everything with EB Advance Compact Powder, in the shade of natural white.

Now, the most important part for me… The eyebrows! Before the “drawing” begins, I brush my eyebrows to condition the hair as to make them go in one direction. 🙂 I use two shades: dark and light brown. I first use EB Advance’s Brow Define with Paddle Brush, dark brown shade, to line/shape my eyebrows. Then, I use the light brown shade to fill the inside. And finally, I brush it with the cute, tiny paddle brush found at the opposite end of the eyebrow liner.

For my eyes, I use DoDo Girl’s Glam Eyeshadow. I apply the reddish brown first, followed by nude color and then yellowish shade to clean the ends/sides of my eyebrow makeup. So, this technique is going up from the base of my eyelid. For the eyeliner, I either use Careline’s Graph-Ink Liner or Ever Bilena’s Pro Eye Liner, both are waterproof. The first one is easier to apply because it’s like a liquid but messier if mistakenly applied it. Apply as thin s you can. I start from the middle going to the outside corner and then from inside corner going to the middle.

Let’s move on to the cheeks! My favorite is Ever Bilena’s Lip & Cheek Roller, the shade is uptown red. I don’t put it directly on my face so as avoid having dotted-like blush. What I do is, I roll a small amount on my fingers, and then apply it on my cheeks. Then, I use Maybelline’s Master Chrome metallic highlighter above my blush on, following my cheek bones. Then I top them off with a very, very light amount of Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Finally, my lips. Depending on my mood, I either use Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick in the shade of vogue diva (dark red) or Nichido’s Satin Moist Lipstick in the shade of honeylove (nude). Then I use Maybelline’s Master Chrome metallic highlighter again and put some in my lips’ cupids bow.

Here’s the final look 🙂

I hope you like it! 🙂


  1. I noticed your right eye looks smaller than the other one. I think it’s your lashes the way it was applied. I have seen and noticed lashes on women where they are not applied the same way/manner especially if they are in a hurry thus, look indifferent when you look at them. Also when wearing lashes it must fit the size of your eyes in short it has to be trimmed.

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    • Thank you. I appreciate your time dropping by. My other eye is really smaller than the other. It’s actually the left eye that is smaller. You can check my Instagram @FlipWebToday

      Thanks again.


  2. Gamit ka po ng O.TWO.O highlighter sa bridge ng nose tsaka cheekbones para mas prominently:) tsaka use mink lashes pra mas awake tingnan eyes. White eyeliner pencil sa tear line para mas wider tingnan.use double lid tape pra sa uneven eye sa korean stores u can find it:)

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    • Thanks a lot! I might consider that kapag hindi pang-everyday makeup kasi most of the the time (like 90%) eh nagmamadali ako sa umaga papasok haha! Or siguro kapag medyo pangmalakasan na okasyon para bongga ang look. Pag office lang o gala, sa ngayon, oks na sa akin ‘to, baka kasi tuksuhin ako sa office pag aurang-aura. Haha! But thanks again! 🙂


  3. Hello sis 😍 Yan pala ang secret mo kaya ang pretty mo . How I wish na sana ganyan din ako . Na sana marunong din ako mag make up . Sensitive skin kase ako na paglagay lang ng products sa feslak ko nagkaka pimples agad ako 😭 kahit mag kilay dko rin alam . Pero nag ta try pa rin ako na matutu kahit papano . Helpful yung blog post mo para sa make up lover . Thank you for sharing this sis . Sana next time ma apply ko din to sa sarili ko. Mas LODI na kita ngayon sis . Kahit sa page mo . Support kita lage 💗 . – Archangel Yang


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