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The Drama and July 2017 Top Commenter of the Month Winner

Every year, we experience typhoon here in the Philippines. And now, it’s the time of the year when typhoon comes to “visit” us.


So, just last week, a typhoon came by which was named as “Gorio”. Classes from pre-school to college were suspended from Wednesday to Friday. Some parents got mad because the announcement of suspension of classes were delayed and most of the students were stranded in going home either because of flood or heavy traffic. Well, good for us that we did not experience this, HOWEVER, there’s another annoying thing that I’ve experienced…


Drama #1

On Wednesday, my aunt sent me a text message that our telephone has no dial tone. Our landline is one important communication tool for us because as a working mom, it’s me and my sons’ way to get in touch with each other. Our family members’ mobile numbers are stored in our telephone so that they can just press each number on whom my kids want to call or talk with, especially during “emergencies”. And, without dial tone, how can we communicate AT ANY MOMENT that we or they wanted to? They cannot borrow my aunt’s mobile anytime ‘coz she’s also using it and another thing is that, they are not allowed to because they often accidentally deletes either contacts or important messages. You know, KIDS!


So, I called our service provider’s customer service. I guess it took around 8-10 minutes before I get hold to talk to a CSR. I was hoping for a tech visit within the day but the schedule given was Friday. OKAY, looks like I don’t have a choice!


On Thursday, my aunt told me that the technician came and our telephone’s dial tone issue get fixed. Cool!


Drama #2

On Friday, I wasn’t able to go to office (also as advised by our HR) because of the strong typhoon and the wind was so mad too! And the bad thing? The dial tone went off again and this time also our INTERNET CONNECTION! Geez-a-whiz!!! That can’t be! How can I work from home if we don’t have internet service? Screwed! So, I called our service provider’s customer service AGAIN. But this time, it took 15-20 minutes before I get hold of a CSR. After some basic troubleshooting, my problem wasn’t fixed. He scheduled a tech visit for me. I asked him if it can be scheduled within the day ‘coz I badly needed to work, and he said yes.


I waited forever, no technician came.


How was I able to work? I stole a portion of our neighbor’s WIFI connection. (THIS IS NOT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, LEARN TO ASK.) And yes, I’m just pretty much lucky that their WIFI is not password protected. I barely got internet service (in and out) being sooo close to my room’s window which is the nearest place I can setup to “get” connected. I “somehow” survived.


Drama #3

Saturday came, this is the day that you, my readers, are waiting for. Announcement of my giveaway winner! And the drama? My internet connection is not yet fixed and my neighbor’s WIFI is out. What’s left for me is my mobile which is only has a FREE Facebook access. Poor me!


And for one more time, I called for a technician. As the CSR checked my account, I’ve found out that the scheduled tech visit that was given to me isn’t last Friday but Monday! That’s insane! Giving false information to your subscribers isn’t just acceptable! And yes, of course, I was MAD. Who wouldn’t be? Then, as a resolution, tech visit was moved to Sunday. Okay, fine. It’s the earliest schedule that the CSR could give me.


I don’t have a choice but to send out an announcement on my Facebook page that the announcement will get delayed. (Really sorry guys!)


Sunday came, internet connection was finally fixed! But since it’s a family day, I spent the whole day with my kids and family, stayed at my mom’s house for almost the whole day after going to mass.

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July 2017: Commenter of the Month GIVEAWAY!

The last half of the year has started. Whew! How time flies so fast! And I’m bringing back the most-loved giveaway–be the TOP commenter of the month and win cool stuffs!


This is to show my gratitude to my loyal and supportive followers of my blog, Facebook page and Twitter. I love you all! 🙂


What you’ll get?


portable sewing machine

storage drawer


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A Mother’s Day Surprise!

UPDATE (winners):

moms day 2017 winners.jpg

Mother’s day is coming (14th of May 2017)!  And it’s time to show our love and appreciation to our amazing moms!

Shout out to the BEST MOM in the world! My mom, EVELYN DE RAMOS! I love you and thanks for EVERYTHING!

I would also like to thank the BEST AUNT in the universe, TITA LIZA DE RAMOS, for being my second mom and the second mom to my children. Oh, I am a mom too! Advance Happy Mother’s Day to me! Haha!

No one ever loves us like our moms. So, it’s time to give back. Oh yeah! Show your moms (and all the moms in your life) how much you love them. Join FLIP WEB TODAY’S MOTHER’S DAY SURPRISE!

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Pre-Christmas Giveaway 2016~

Heyaaa! It’s time to give back to my dearest readers! Are you excited? 🙂

I’m giving away a BLACK ZIP HOODIE! It’s easy to join. Here’s the mechanics:

  1. Follow me on Instagram: Http://
  2. Like and repost the below photo on Instagram and tag 3 of your friends with the hashtags #FlipWebToday #FWTChristmasGiveaway
  3. Fingers crossed! A single winner will be randomly picked on November 26, 2016 to receive this BLACK ZIP HOODIE!
  4. To those who joined, kindly comment your name below, IG name and your location. Thanks!

Winner will be posted on my Facebook account, Please note that this giveaway is open to Philippine residents ONLY. Goodluck! 🙂


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Launching of Miss Donya Shoppe on Shopee plus My Month of June Giveaway!

Hi All!


Being a mom isn’t easy as 1-2-3. You have to play ALL the roles you can ever imagine, from women’s tasks to men’s tasks. And of course, who wouldn’t want to give the best for our children? So, aside from my full-time job, I also do have some “sidelines” which give me “extra” income for my kids/family.


I am officially introducing to you my “mini” shop on Shopee!


13384649_1287967251217923_1801578659_n (1).png


Currently, I am chiefly selling apparels for women and a few clothing for men and kids. I do sell brand new items from a reliable supplier and I also have some pre-loved items which are on SUPER sale.


Feel free to visit my shop on Shopee and share it with your friends. My items are also posted on my Facebook page Miss Donya Life. 🙂


But for the meantime, as a loyal reader/visitor from my previous website, Miss Donya Life to Flip Web Today… I am giving away a white mini-dress from my shop!


Code 047 - Knee High Dress - White - 400.jpg


To join this giveaway, follow the rafflecopter instructions from the link below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run from June 13, 2016 and winner will be drawn on the 25th of June 2016. Note that this is open to Philippine residents only. Goodluck and hope to see you at Miss Donya Shoppe! 🙂

And the winner is…

june winner



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Vroom…vrooom! Join and Get a Chance to Win MediCards’ My Pocket Doctor

Hi Dear Readers!


I got this ‘My Pocket Doctor‘ from one our sponsors as a token of appreciation. However, I already have my HMO card provided by our company. So now it’s time for my “SHARING IS CARING” promo!





This may not be a big or grand giveaway, but I know this would mean a lot for some people.


Curious about ‘My Pocket Doctor’? Read more HERE.


This giveaway runs from April 6, 2016 until April 20, 2016. To join, click and follow Rafflecopter’s instructions:


a Rafflecopter giveaway