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Life Lessons #1

Hi Dear Readers!


Starting today, I’ll be sharing with you random thoughts that could inspire each and everyone. I hope, somehow, this could help us learn more in coping up with life and staying positive despite of all the trials that we’re facing.






Focus on what’s important in your life. Don’t waste your time hating people. It does no good to you emotionally and spiritually. Let God deal with these things. Don’t be consumed by hate because HATE or HATRED is a weak emotion. It’s a sign of failure.


HATRED IS SELF-PUNISHMENT. You are just letting yourself to be sad and miserable instead of being happy and enjoying life. You make yourself unproductive because HATE is your FOCUS.


Instead of hating things… hating people… DO SOMETHING positive that would benefit you. Let go of that hatred in your heart.


Spread love… Make your smile contagious. 🙂


When the Love is Gone

Well, I guess, 90% knows and experienced the trauma of not having a happy ending. Yung fact na you have given that person o yung relationship n’yo ng chance…after chance..after chance. T-R-A-U-M-A. Unti-unti mong nararamdaman na nawawala na yung love. Ano’ng natira? Traces and shadows of pain.


Alam kong madaling sabihin pero mahirap (sobrang hirap) gawin, pero wala ka naman talagang ibang choice kundi ang mag-MOVE ON.


The first question is, “How willing are you to move on?”




Kailangan mong tanggapin na wala na talaga. Kailangang tanggapin na hindi talaga kayo para sa isa’t-isa. Ganun talaga eh. Kailangang tanggapin na TAPOS NA. Yes, it damn hurts, but you have to be strong.


Aminin mo, maraming beses mong pinagbigyan na magiging okay ang relasyon n’yo. Umasa ka na kaya pang magawan ng paraan. Kaso, minsan, obvious na naman na di na talaga pwede… IPINIPILIT mo lang. Ikaw lang yung TANGA na ayaw pang mag-move on. Bitaw na… TAMA NA.

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Ang Bangka sa Kalmang Dagat…

Ang Sakit–

Napansin mo ba noong nawala sya? Siguro hindi. Malamang hindi. Talagang hindi. Hindi mo napansing nawala sya kasi nasanay kang “nandyan LANG” sya PALAGI.

Mahirap…mabigat…masakit…ang lumayo at tanggapin ang katotohanan na gaano man nya sinubukan, hindi mo kayang ibalik ang pagpapahalaga at ang nararapat para sa kanya.

Nadurog sya sa iyong pambabalewala. Napilitang lumimot at talikuran ang inyong alaala.

Ang Pag-Usad–

Nakita mo sya, subalit hindi ka nya napansin. Tinitigan mo sya habang unti-unti mong nakikita kung gaano nauubos ang kanyang atensyon kasama ng iba. Masaya. Masayang-masaya sa piling ng iba.

Pinagmasdan mo ang kanyang pagngiti. Isang malaking ngiti na animo’y bangka na pumalaot sa kalmang dagat. Nakita mo kung gaano sya kasaya. Isang bagay na hindi mo nasaksihan sa matagal na panahon dahil wala kang ginawa noon kundi ang bigyan sya ng pasakit, sama ng loob at iparamdam na di sya katanggap-tanggap.

Hindi mo naramdaman na sya ay unti-unti mong nilulusaw sa apoy ng iyong mga pananalita. Subalit sa lahat ng yan, napansin mo ba ang maraming gabi na di mo sya pinatulog sa pagdaramdam at kaiisip kung paano ba sya magiging sapat para sayo?

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Five Days to Go ’til Christmas!

It’s official! Five days to go until Christmas day! I know most of you are excited and happy for this most-awaited season of loving and giving, right? I wish I am, too. So many things happened this whole year to me but God is always with me. I am so much blessed with His love.


What are your plans this Christmas? Have you bought gifts for your friends and loved ones already? Have you planned your menus for Christmas eve? If not, I would suggest you plan them NOW. It’s harder to be on RUSH on Christmas rush. Haha!


But above all, NEVER forget to thank God for all the things He has done for you and all the blessings that you received (visible or not). Your life alone is GREAT GIFT. Whatever had happen this whole year to you, KEEP the faith in HIM.


So, let’s start this countdown! I wish you all good health and prosperity. Advance MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Losing Someone You Love

This is one of my favorite songs to listen especially when I am alone, or at night, or whenever I feel incomplete. It’s written by  the American singer-songwriter, Jenn Bostic, which is composed for her father who died when she was a little girl. The song is released in 2012.


I find the song very powerful and emotional. It feels like your heart is being pricked with a pin in every word of the lyrics. I actually feel like crying every time I hear the song.


Losing someone in your life is really difficult. Shadows of the memories… The thought of not feeling or seeing that person or loved one EVER again… The sadness that feels like forever…


Here’s Donna Taggart’s version of the song:


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Get Better in Conversation by Avoiding the Word “VERY”

“VERY” is an extremely used adverb. Let’s give it a break! There are a lot of words you can use to replace the adverb ‘very’ which can definitely broaden your English communicating skills.


‘VERY’ needs some rest, too!



Instead of saying “very noisy”, try to use DEAFENING.

The firecrackers were so deafening that made my ears tingle.



You can simply say BASIC, right?

The procedure is basic. You can follow it without other’s assistance.



If you’re referring to an extreme fear, use TERRIFIED instead of the two words “very scared”.

She’s terrified of these terrorist attacks.



Say, you have watched a great performance and wanted to commend it as a ‘very powerful’ performance, try to use COMPELLING.

It was a compelling performance. I love it!



Yes, this means one has a great deal of money but in place of this, you can say WEALTHY. As simple as that but avoiding the word “very”

They should dig deep from the wealthy men for charity.

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