True Love

Every relationship will get boring after you’ve been together for some years. To be honest with you, love isn’t a feeling; it’s a commitment to love each other everyday, physically and emotionally. It’s difficult at times because it’s not always laughing or smiles and fun. A lot of people tend to quit when it stops being fun and they go look for someone else because they believe that spark is gone.

But NO, that’s not how it works. If you ever want to be loved by someone unconditionally, and they should keep loving you all the time, then you have a responsibility to do the same. This isn’t like the movies. It’s real life. Love someone when you don’t even want to love them.

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Be in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and just how you like your coffee. Be in love with someone who loves the way you are and would do absolutely anything to keep you the way you are. Be in love with someone who will never ever ask you to change yourself.

Fall in love with someone who falls in love with your flaws and your imperfections, thinking that you are perfect just the way you are. Fall in love with someone who thinks that you are the ONE. If you love someone, SHOW THEM. It’s better than TELLING THEM. You should always believe that true love is not something you feel. It’s actually something YOU DO.


Read the title again, “Don’t Break a Bird’s Wings and then Tell it to Fly“. Ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin nito?

  • Don’t break a heart and then tell it to love.

WOW ha. Hindi ganun kadali magmahal o magmahal ‘ulit’ after a heartbreak.

  • Don’t break a soul and then tell it to be happy.

Pwedeng related din ito sa una kong sinabi. Of course, kapag bnreak mo heart, kasama na n’yan ‘matic yung lungkot. Or if not in that case, any frustrations makes one sad. Lalo na kung you’ve given much effort, dedication and all tapos masasaktan ka lang pala. Tapos sasabihin sa’yo just be happy. OH my, easy to say. Hindi gano’n kabilis magrecover. Oo, eventually, magiging masaya ka rin naman sa mga bagong mangyayari sa buhay mo pero hindi agad-agad. Lalo pa’t part na yun ng memory ng isang tao, kahit matagal nang tapos na.

  • Don’t judge people and expect them to stand by your side.

Ano ka, hilo? Isa sa pinakamasakit na gagawin mo sa isang tao ay i-judge s’ya based on haka-haka, tsismis, inggit, or whatever. Who wants that? Kahit ikaw ayaw mong ma-judge di ba? So now, in case jinudge mo ang isang tao then after some time, you need his/her help or support, would you expect na that person will stand by your side? Na ipagtatanggol ka n’ya? Na tutulungan ka n’ya? Na susuportahan ka n’ya? I doubt. Same goes sa relationship… Jinudge mo yung ka-relasyon mo, nagduda ka, meron kang trust issues kahit never ka naman n’yang niloko or whatever, do you think tatagal ang relasyon n’yo? Pwedeng patawarin ka n’ya ngayon o intindihin, pero pano kung paulit-ulit na ganun ang ginagawa mo? Wag mo nang i-expect na tatagal s’ya sa’yo o sa relasyon n’yo. Masakit sobra nag ma-judge ng wala ka namang ginagawang masama.

Life is about giving and taking. You cannot expect to give bad and receive good. Vice versa, you cannot expect to give good and receive bad. Sa lahat ng gagawin mo, always take time to THINK FIRST. 🙂


Minsan, naaalala ko pa rin ang noon. Noong tayo pa. Naalala hindi dahil gusto ko pang ibalik kung ano ang meron tayo noon. Naalala, kasi isa iyong malaking parte ng buhay ko.

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Minsan, naaalala ko noong ang saya-saya pa natin. Noong parang napakagaan lang ng lahat kapag kasama kita. Namamasyal. Naglalaro. Nagkukwentuhan. Nagkukulitan.

Minsan, naalala ko pa noong naging ikaw lang ang mundo ko. Sa bawat araw, sa’yo umikot ang buhay ko. Noong mga panahong parang di kumpleto ang araw ko kapag di kita kasama.

Minsan, naaalala ko noong nagdesisyon tayong maging tatlo, at nasundan pa agad ng isa. Mga panahong lalong ibinigay ko ang buong puso ko para sa inyong tatlo. Ngunit…

Minsan, naaalala ko kung paanong unti-unti kang lumalayo. Makalwang-araw… Isang linggo… Makalwang linggo… Buwan… Mga buwan… Hanggang naging taon… Ika’y naglaho. Naglaho mula sa aming tabi.

Minsan, may kirot pa rin.

Minsan, masakit pa rin.

Minsan, naiisip ko, saan nga ba ako nagkulang? Nagkulang ba ako sa pag-aalaga? Nagkulang ba ako sa pang-unawa? Nagkulang ba ako sa panahon?

Minsan, naiisip ko rin, baka naman sumobra ako? Pero saang banda? Ang mahalin ka ng sobra?

Minsan, sinisisi ko ang sarili ko. Sinisisi na hindi ko nabigyan ng buong pamilya hanggang sa huli ang dalwang munti. Isang buong pamilya na hinahangad at pinagdarasal ng lahat.

Minsan, nalulungkot pa rin ako. Nalulungkot, nag-iisip kung bakit humantong sa ganito.

Gano’n pa man… Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga alaala ng nakaraan. Marami akong natutunan. Mas naging matatag ako. Mas tumibay ang paniniwala ko sa nasa Itaas.

Salamat…sa minsang ikaw.

Humanities Strand as an Employable Field

by: Adrian Laserna

The advent of K-12 not only gave rise to the synchronization of the Philippine educational system to the international academic standards, thereby paving the way to achieve the program’s pursuit of global competitiveness but also brought forth an unexpected yet not surprising development: a brewing rivalry– nay competition amongst the students taking up the different Strands –namely ABM (Accountancy and Business Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), GAS (General Academic Strand), and HUMMS (Humanities and Social Sciences).

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Maybe it is endemic, sociologically, in our culture as Filipinos tend to have a skewed sense of competitiveness. Look no further for a practical basis of this observation, the endless pissing contest among the alumni of the so-called Big Four of the country’s premier institutions of higher learning, the highly yet overrated publicized results of professional licensure exams, among other things.

It’s literally a number’s game. Traditional computation-heavy subjects earned the notoriety of being a nerd’s realm.  Analyzing balance sheets is way too brain cell-consuming compared to interpreting a classic Elizabethan-era prose, or so they claimed.

Statistically speaking, there is a dearth of schools offering HUMMS courses compared to the close to saturated ABM and STEM classes to satisfy the demand.  This is an apparent manifestation of the traditional mindset of setting up a career geared towards affluence… a game plan promoted by parents driven by economic situations.

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The aforementioned competition amongst the strands has elevated to social media level debate about the “eliteness” status of each area of discipline: the more difficult the course of study, the higher the level of “respect” the strand gains. What is non-debatable is the fact that each of one of them has its own merits.  The sad reality, though, is that liberal arts courses suffer at the opposite end of the respect spectrum. Yet in a practical sense, graduates of Liberal arts, Social sciences and Humanities are equipped with skills (analytical and communication) honed by rigorous reading, writing  and recitation, versatility due to exposure to various academic demands and intellectual capabilities to be employable members of the country’s workforce.

But beyond the pragmatic reasons, what drives these young men and ladies to pursue a road traditionally less travelled by, to quote Robert Frost, in making this choice?

Being a product of Humanities and Social Science education myself, I can only hazard a guess – a speculation that hopefully rings true for the disciples of Humanities:

The field of liberal arts education is a path in pursuit of perfection of passion, a zeal so profound in commitment and too captivating in its vibrancy.  History is not just a recollection of significant past events, but a recreation of meaningful memories. Philosophy is not just a simplistic love of wisdom, but an inquiry to our very own existence. More than being a mirror of society, Literature is a mode of consumption… to satisfy the hunger of our brains, to quench the thirst of our souls.

We, the offspring of this discipline, had an upbringing that belies the financially-motivated reasons used as a marketing tool by the other academic strands.

These, among other things, are reasons to take this road usually not taken. Financial success, material things and physical comfort are not the only demands of the flesh. There are other things in life worth pursuing. These young men and women are ennobled by the virtues instilled in them, attributes that give soul to a materialistic, money-driven society that seems to have forgotten what makes life worth living, the core precept that gives real meaning to our own…….Humanity.

Adrian M. Laserna is a corporate slave by profession and teacher by vocation. He earned a degree in Political Science, succumbed to the demands of Capitalism, got disillusioned, went back to his alma mater and taught History, Social Science and Politics and Governance subjects. 

When Sleep isn’t about Sleeping Anymore

I usually fall asleep between 10 pm to 1 am, depending how tired I am on that day. Then I wake up around 6 or 7 in the morning. But tonight is another episode of my “almost” sleepless night. I fell asleep at 9 pm and woke up at 1:30 am.

It’s now 3 am.

When depression hits you, it really hits hard. It is not as easy to handle as you thought it is. It’s not a simple feeling of sadness. Depression is depression. They have given it a lot of definitions but for me, it’s really an indescribable feeling.

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Ilang Tulog Pa Ba?! PASKO NA!

Ang bilis ng panahon, ilang araw na lang, PASKO na! Sa office nga may Christmas playlist na ako habang nagtatrabaho. Random Christmas songs yung nasa playlist ko, may English at syempre Tagalog songs. Ang lakas maka-good vibes! Nasa lima o anim ang paborito ko dun, pero syempre may #1 sa mga paborito ko, “Ilang Tulog na Lang?” by The Company. Familiar ka ba sa kantang yon? Sobrang nagustuhan ko sya kasi maka-Pilipino yung dating nung kanta na pinaparamdam nya yung pagkasabik sa darating na Kapaskuhan. Kung hindi mo alam yung kanta, eto ang lyrics nya (i-download mo na rin para mas magandang sabayan haha!):

Kanta nang kanta, ensayo nang ensayo, awiting pamasko’y di pa rin kabisado.
Sige lang nang sige kahit wala sa tiyempo. Malapit na kaming magkaroling sa inyo.

Bilang nang bilang ng inipong pera. Kabado man sa gastos ngunit tayo’y maligaya.
Bili pa nang bili ng kung ano-ano.
Alin nga bang regalo’ng ibibigay sa’yo?

Ilang tulog pa ba? Malapit na malapit na! Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya? Ilang tulog pa ba? Darating na.
Ilang tulog pa ba? Malapit na malapit na! Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya? Ilang tulog pa ba? Darating na.

Usok ng putobumbong–nalalanghap ko na.

Ilang tulog pa ba? Heto na heto na!
Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya?
Di na hihiling ng kung ano-ano:
mahalin mo lang ako, ayos na ang pasko

Hamon at keso’y malapit nang ihain;
kay tagal nang binili, hulugan pa man din. (Aray!)
Di bale nang medyo gipit basta’t tayo’y maligaya.
Ang masayang pasko’y hinihintay ko na.

Kalembang nang kalembang ang kampana—kay lakas!
Batian nang batian ng “meri krismas!” Lahat ng masalubong ay may ngiti sa labi. Kahit nagtatampuhan ay nagkakabati.

Ilang tulog pa ba? Malapit na malapit na! Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya? Ilang tulog pa ba? Darating na.
Usok ng putobumbong–nalalanghap ko na.

Ilang tulog pa ba? Heto na heto na!
Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya?
Di na hihiling ng kung ano-ano:
mahalin mo lang ako, ayos na ang pasko

Huwag mong bibilangin ang tulog sa tanghali,
Sasapit ang paskong pagkadali-dali. Magigising tayo sa tuwa’t ligaya
Ilang tulog pa ba? Pasko na! Pasko na!

Ilang tulog pa ba? Malapit na malapit na! Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya? Ilang tulog pa ba? Darating na.
Usok ng putobumbong–nalalanghap ko na.

Ilang tulog pa ba? Heto na heto na!
Ilang tulog pa ba ang paskong masaya?
Di na hihiling ng kung ano-ano: mahalin mo lang ako, ayos na ang pasko

Di na hihiling ng kung ano-ano: mahalin mo lang ako, ayos na ang pasko Ilang tulog pa ba? Ilang tulog pa ba?
Pasko na!

Ganda di ba?! 😂🎄

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Prayer for Strength

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Dear Lord,

I spend my days pretending everything’s fine. I’ve been using my energy to put on a smiling face and show my children that I’m a strong mama and we’ll be able to get through all these. But sometimes, I felt like I am running out of strength. There are times that I feel defeated and broken down. It’s getting harder with each passing day to get out of bed and face everyone again. The world seems grim and my future too dark. Lord, please fill my heart with the knowledge of your love and your goodness.

Remind me that it’s okay to cry, that it’s okay to let out my frustrations and ask for Your help. I want to feel Your arms around me and lift me up from the dark hole I am in. I want to use this time to draw closer to You and gain a stronger relationship with You. I don’t want this pain to tear me down. Please give me the strength to continue on. I entrust my life with You.