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BLIMS Turns Dream Homes Into Reality with 40th Anniversary Sale

As BLIMS Fine Furniture embarks on its 40th year as the most trusted furniture retailer in the industry, it helps customers by turning their home inspirations into reality with huge discounts and offers as part of its anniversary sale which runs until September 24.


Celebrate with BLIMS and avail of these four special offers: 40% off on all featured collections, which includes the Tropic, Tempo, and Lush Collection; 50% off on featured mattresses with freebies; and 24 months with 0% interest on all regular priced six-seater dining sets. And get a free limited edition BLIMS throw pillow blanket for a minimum purchase worth of P30,000 in a single receipt.


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Healthy Way to Satisfy Hunger and Food Cravings of Pregnant Women

I understand the feeling… I’ve been there!!!


When you’re pregnant, you tend to crave for MORE food. It’s actually normal to crave during that time, but what if you can’t stop craving for… JUNK FOODS?!


Eating junk foods while pregnant should be a MAJOR thing because you ALWAYS have to consider your health as well as the growing baby inside you. Disregarding it could lead to the following:

  • swollen feet (pagmamanas)
  • crazy blood pressure results
  • constipation
  • less nutrient intake (because you become already full after eating junk foods and then you won’t eat healthy foods anymore)
  • health disorders for the baby
  • gestational diabetes


But now, there’s a great news for mom-to-be out there! Unilab has come up with CRAVE HEALTHY!

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A Day with Dad


Dapat lang we make dad feel loved on Father’s Day!


He is a provider, a hero, and a friend all wrapped into one—he is dad. And there’s no better time to show our dads how much we appreciate them for being the pillar of the family than on a day specially dedicated to all the fathers out there.


Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, encourages us to express our love to our dads with the Dapat Lang advocacy campaign, where it emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing for the family, for others, and society as a whole.

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The Gift of Healthy ‘Crowning Glory’ Fit for the Queen this Mother’s Day

CLICHE it may be, but there’s indeed a woman behind the person we are today. And that’s no less than her—our mother. We used to call her nanayinay‘naymama, mommy or simply mom. Needless to say, she deserves more than that given the pivotal role she fulfills in rearing us from childhood to adulthood and possibly for the rest of our lives.

Motherhood is a tough 24-hour job, no pay, no day off, sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible. A mother is a woman created by God to bring love, joy, happiness and care to this world, to every families. I am so glad God has created a woman to be a mother, even though motherhood is a full time job, a mother’s work is never done.

There may be opposing beliefs whether that greater maternal instinct is biologically predetermined or socially imposed, but everyone would agree that a mother is hardwired to love and care about the whole family, especially the children, all the time. For better or worse, it’s always the welfare of everyone at home on top of her priority. No wonder she’s an epitome of a doting human being that touches everybody’s life. So, it’s but right to honor and return all the favors she has done for us. And what a better way to do this than this Mother’s Day.

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5 Tips on How to Make Your Moms Feel Special and Loved on Mother’s Day

Who needs super heroes when I have MOM?

Mother’s Day is a time for people to thank their moms for their never-ending sacrifices for the family. After all, they assume different roles round-the-clock just to make our lives comfortable – a chef to prepare our meals every day, a doctor to tend to us when we are sick, a teacher to help us with school work and life problems, a CEO of the household, our protector to make sure we are always safe, and so many more!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Solane, the leading provider of LPG solutions, reminds everyone to show their love and appreciation to the woman who ceaselessly devotes herself to the family. This occasion is another moment that falls in perfectly with Solane’s Dapat Lang campaign, a program that emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, for the family, for others and society as a whole.

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Top Social Manners You Should Teach Your Child

What is an etiquette? It refers to socially acceptable behavior. It means good behavior which distinguishes human from animals.

At a very young age, you should teach your child how to behave well and how to respond correctly especially to elders. This way, you can be proud to let everyone know that you have raised a good person.

Let me share with you the top social manners that every children should know.


  1. Say PLEASE when asking.

  2. Say THANK YOU when receiving.

  3. Say EXCUSE ME when you have to pass by or if you need to go out/leave an ongoing conversation esp in class or group conversation.

  4. Look IN THE EYES when talking to someone.

  5. LET others to FINISH before you speak.

  6. Shake hands FIRMLY.

  7. Say po or opo, yes ma’am or yes sir when talking to grown ups.

  8. GREET people with “Hi!”, “Hello!”, or “How are you?”.

  9. Say SORRY when you’ve done something wrong.

  10. OPEN DOORS for others or OFFER help.


Teach these things to your children in a nice way and avoid yelling just to let them know what they should do. Why? Yelling silences your message. Speak quietly so children CAN HEAR YOUR WORDS instead of just your voice.


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How to Cope Up with Your Emotions

Problems and trials in life are everywhere. Some may have lighter problems than the others but yes, ALL of us are battling with different problems.

Sometimes, we experience problems that seems unbearable that we become too depressed and hopeless. Some are brave enough to fight until the end, and sadly, some give up and commit suicide. I admit that there are a lot of times that I feel to do the latter. It’s REALLY HARD. And as the cliché goes, “No one understands you unless they are in the situation.” TRUE! It may seem so easy to give advice and stuffs but once they are in, it’s the time they feel and realize how hard to manage it.

But what if you are like me? I am the type of person who doesn’t easily tell everyone how I feel or what I’ve been going through. It’s always me and me alone. I feel more secured and comfortable with that. And when all the problems and anger have been filled up, I BURST. That’s the negative part of it. But I still choose to handle it alone.

We all struggle to keep cool and smile in all sorts of situations that are happening to us. And how do we cope up with our crazy emotions when we experience overwhelming problems? I may not be an expert but let me share with you some tips on how can we AT LEAST TRY to deal with our emotions.

SUICIDE will never be an option or a solution. Above all, NEVER forget to PRAY and ask for HIS guidance so that you may surpass all the trials that you encounter.