A Short Trip to S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa, Singapore

If you love marine animals, you’ll definitely enjoy the tour in this HUGE aquarium. S.E.A. Aquarium is open whole week, Sunday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

Here’s another photo blog. It’s my short trip to S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa, Singapore. I don’t have much photos because the place is dark to take photos and using flash is not allowed. But I hope you’ll enjoy and get interested somehow. 🙂

At the back of our last photo is a gigantic aquarium wherein there are divers inside feeding the marine animals inside. There are some seats in front of it so you can sit back and relax while watching them feeding the animals.

And here’s a short video of random fishes…

There are a lot of marine animals found at S.E.A. Aquarium like sharks, jelly fish, crabs, octopus, and a lot more! Here’s a map I got from their website which may help you:





How to go to Universal Studios from Le Meridien Hotel Sentosa


This is a photo blog of the landmarks that you need to remember if you are going to Universal Studios Singapore from Le Meridien Hotel Sentosa.


You can ride an express train or take a little time to walk. I suggest you do the second option and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s only about 5-10 minutes walk.


Let’s go!


This is our hotel room. #404

This is our hotel room. #404


Since the rooms here are expensive with a security deposit of $100 SGD per night, we had a twin-sharing of hotel room. The front view of our room is facing the big Merlion statue, while the back is a construction site. We decided to let the window blinds down the entire stay because we don’t like some construction men as audience from our room. Haha!


The twin-sharing room is not so big enough for two people. It has two beds that are placed very close to each other. The room is not sound-proof. I wouldn’t suggest it as a place for honeymoon (*wink*). However, I would commend the bathroom area, it is very spacious with big bath tub, a separate shower cubicle and toilet. I hope there’s a soft chair/furniture inside if you have to spend sometime doing your make-ups or skin rituals. And ooops, the toiletries are not enough for two people considering it’s a twin-sharing room. So, you still have to call to request for additional body wash, shampoos, etc. 🙂




This is the facade of the hotel. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the next steps above but it’s beautiful. The steps are covered with a bed of bermuda grass replica. A good spot to have photo shoots.


From here, cross the street and you’ll get to the Sentosa express station. Straight ahead and you’ll see the SENTOSA letter statue with the huge Merlion at the background. This is the Merlion Plaza.




If you walk a few more steps from here, you’ll see a ticketing office. We stopped here for a while to claim the tickets for our company’s team building to Sentosa island.




Afterwards, go to your right and go down the escalator to the festive walk.




The climate here is hot, just like here in the Philippines. So, I suggest you just wear sleeveless, walking shorts or any light clothing.




And we are half-way there! One more escalator going down and we’re already at Resorts World Sentosa – Lake of Dreams…




Here’s a very, very short video to let you see how beautiful it is. I am so amazed how clean this place is. Although there are so many tourists here, everyone abides the law not to litter.





A few more steps and we’re finally at Universal Studios Sentosa, Singapore!






That easy! But if you don’t want to start your day walking, you always have a choice to ride the express train. 🙂



How to Use Chopsticks

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Using chopsticks can be very tricky and it requires a LOT of practice…and PATIENCE. Worry no more! Here’s a simple guide on how to use chopsticks…

What you’ll need:

pair of chopsticks
your dominant hand
food for practice (I used uncooked popcorns in my demo.)


Hold one of the chopsticks like a pen using your index finger, middle finger and thumb. This is the part that moves to pick up food. Actually, the index and middle finger are the ones that moves more while the thumb supports them.

Insert the other chopsticks underneath, resting on the ring finger. This should be the immovable part.

Pick up food by clipping them in between. Remember, don’t put pressure on it.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work the first time. Patience is a virtue. 🙂 And one more, you can ALWAYS ask for spoon and fork if you’re not comfortable with it.

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Wheels Continues to Roll Through Summer

After a successful coverage of the 2016 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) in its previous episode, Wheels, PhilSTAR TV’s premier motoring TV show, continues to roll through summer with more joyrides and cars to boot. Join its top-notch motoring journalists Matteo Guidicelli, Kap Maceda Aguila, Ulysses Ang and Angel Rivero as they go behind the wheel of some of the hottest rides this summer.

PhilStar TV_Wheels continues to roll through summer_photo

Matteo takes a special friend on an unforgettable road trip aboard the Porsche Boxster.


First stop: Matteo takes a special friend on an unforgettable road trip aboard the Porsche Boxster. Find out who this special friend is, where their road trip brought them, as well as the slick and clever features of this roadster.


Another roadster also takes center stage in this episode as Kap puts the pedal to the metal on the Audi TT. Be amazed at how this sports car performs perfectly on the road and be captivated by its marriage of aesthetics and power.


For SUV aficionados, Angel went aboard the all-new Ford Everest to test its capabilities under some of the toughest road conditions. Find out what’s new and improved in this upgraded Everest.


Finally, Uly shines the light on how to properly install LED lights on your car. Get some helpful hints on what LED lights are the best buys and installing it all by yourself.


It’s all these and more on the third season of Wheels, your guide to life on the fast lane. Catch it every Thursday, 10:30 p.m., on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel. For firsthand info on the latest happenings in motoring, like and follow Wheels on facebook.com/PhilStarWheels.



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Discovering the Wonders of the Philippines on Bicycles

French couple Fabrice and Celine Garlenque, along with their three children, Titouane, Amielle and Fantine, discovered the beauty of the Philippines, its people and culture as they visited some of the fantastic destinations in the country – on bicycles.


Galenque family


Well-traveled, the Garlenques have traveled around Europe, Australia and Asia but they were smitten by the Philippines’ natural beauty and unique customs. According to them, their trip to the Philippines was not comparable to anything they have ever experienced before.


beaches in Tablas


Their biking adventure started at Romblon’s largest island, Tablas. The Garlenques then biked around the islands of Marinduque and Mindoro and were awed by spectacular mountains, alluring caves and breathtaking beaches.


custom bicycle


Riding their own special bikes made it easier for them to enjoy nature up close. It also allowed them to interact with the locals and experience a taste of rural life.


“There is a huge diversity of things that can be seen and experienced in the Philippines,” noted Celine. “Filipinos are very friendly towards tourists. It is authentic and inherent among the people.”


The Garlenques were able to experience many firsts such as riding a “bangka” (an outrigger boat) and bathing at a communal water source or ‘poso’. The children also got to climb coconut trees to pick the fruits themselves, a practice common in the country’s provinces.


rice and pansit for lunch


They were also amused by local delicacies such as quail eggs, which are eaten as snacks, and noted how sweet and fresh fruits like bananas, papayas and mangoes, were. Above all, they were delighted to eating rice, the staple food of Filipinos, for breakfast, lunch and dinner paired with assortment of viands.




The last leg of their three-week holiday was a visit to Intramuros in the city of Manila. Instead of using their custom bicycles, they rode around the walled city on bamboo bikes to get a glimpse of the country’s history during the Spanish regime still preserved in the midst of the urbanized capital of the country. Their trip to Intramuros included stops at Casa Manila, the plaza of San Agustin Church, Puerta Real, Plaza Roma and Fort Santiago.


“With so many things to see and experience, we will definitely come back. We’ve only been to three islands and there are more than 7,000 islands to explore. In fact, we have to come back many times!” shared Fabrice. For their next visit, they are looking forward to explore more of Romblon and a visit to Palawan.


The Garlenque family is only one of the millions of tourists who are continuously impressed by the vast natural wonders of the Philippines, and oftentimes, their experience of the Filipinos’ unique brand of hospitality makes them want to visit the Philippines again and again.


To find out more of the beauty and splendor of the Philippines, visit www.tpb.gov.ph and www.itsmorefuninthephilippines.com.


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