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Mobile Game Review: Bakery Story

I could say I’m an “addict” of mobile games, but I SUPER HATE game requests and notifications on Facebook. They are annoying. They fill up most of my notifications that I find a hard time browsing the important ones. And I hate it when there are new game requests from my Facebook friends that I need to restrict or block again so as it won’t be included in my notification feed.


Hey, friends, we do not have the same tastes on mobile games and apps. I don’t want to be rude or something but I can browse and install any game I would like to play. You can suggest a good game but please DO NOT FLOOD my notif feed requesting to play with you on a particular game/s OVER and OVER!


Okay, this shouldn’t actually be a rant, rather, I would like to share would you one good mobile game that I’ve been playing for the past 2-3 months. It’s called BAKERY STORY.




This ONLY an online game. Meaning, you cannot play without an internet connection. The TOP thing I like about this game is that you can have online friends who can play with you and help you accomplish your goals without asking or requesting to gain friends from Facebook.


As seen from the title, this is a baking game in which you design your own restaurant or café and bake food, brew drinks,  etc.


And as mentioned, you can add friends online through the game itself who obviously like, play and have interest in this game, too. They are also real people playing the game from different parts of the world whom you can chat or interact with through wall posts. You and your friends can accomplish the goals of the game by requesting parts (like materials in building an oven) and sharing in-game gifts. You get a summary of these notifications every time you log in to the game.






It’s up to you if you’ll either accept or decline the requests. Of course, I usually do accept so that my requests would also be reciprocated. It’s a give and take thing.


On the baking side, you get to enjoy various baked goodies and drinks as well as earn awards and get promoted. Some little accomplishments that keeps you going in the game…and crave for MORE. 😃




The only “hard” thing about this game is earning much money for expansion. (Option: install other Storm8 games to earn gems to be used for the expansion.) But for me, it’s tolerable because that is what keeps you going on playing this game, right? Otherwise, if you can instantly get all you need for expansion and all, you can finish the game in no time and what’s next? Uninstall right away? Or give comments and feedbacks that the game is so easy to finish and that there are no more expansion updates or whatsoever? Think.




It’s a user-friendly, easy to play and understand game. It’s a healthy escape from your daily routines. I could say, it is both entertaining and challenging. It can be played by kids and grown ups… me. Haha!


My only suggestion for now… I hope you can choose in which counter you would like to put your baked goodies especially if you have different designs of counters. Like dimsums for dimsum counters, or wherever you would freely like to put them. Other than this, I’m perfectly fine with the game. I will not delete it…so far. Haha!


If you are encouraged by my post, feel free to try it too. 😊 HAPPY PLAYING!


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The Miracle that Pantene Pro-V 3MM Conditioner Brings

It’s been a while since I last get some products to try from Sample Room PH. What I love with Sample Room is that they give people the privilege to try various products for free. This time, I requested for Pantene products. So, after 3 days, I received the 3 items: Pantene Hair Fall Shampoo, Pantene Hair Fall Conditioner and Pantene 3MM Miracle Conditioner.




I’ve been using a different brand for the longest time and I want to give this a shot. The first item I tried is the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Hair Fall Conditioner.





It’s tagline of 3 minute miracle is really catchy and everyone will surely get curious about this product. Even I. Miracle? Okay, I’ll see what would happen…


Since I have a long hair, I put an ample amount on my palm. Consistency-wise, I’m impressed that it is not thick BUT also not flowy. You may say it’s just right!



I distributed the conditioner evenly on my hair and left it for 3 minutes.




Dum di dum dum… 😊


Three minutes has passed, I rinsed it off. Right there and then, I felt the lightness it brought to my hair. Amazing! It doesn’t felt sticky as compared with the other brands with which you can feel the oiliness of your hair up to your face. Can you relate?


Another factor I like about this product is the hair fall result. With the previous brand that I’ve been using, I am able to collect a crazy amount of hair after rinsing. But with this “miracle” conditioner, lesser hair fall can really be seen. I think I only got two or three strands.




In addition, the fragrance it brings to my hair is beyond expectation. Overall, the product did it’s job very well. And my hair? It’s STUNNING!




Ready for work! Until next time! 😊



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Book Review: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

Honestly, I have posted this on my previous website (when I was still on WIX), but I wanted to share this again to my readers. I highly recommend this book NOT ONLY to soon to be wives but also to the wives facing a marriage battle.





Triumph, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a great success or achievement. Viviene, the author of 7 Things Every Wife Should Know, brought this same particular word to a different level on marriage. She made an acronym out of it that goes:

T – Triumphant Perspective

R – Respect and Submission

I – Independence

U – Unconditional Love

M – Marital Intimacy

P – Prudence

H – Humility


All of these key points are discussed in every chapter of this book, in relation to marriage, in being an “effective” wife. She has shared the responsibilities and some tips that wives should do.

But she has also mentioned that, “The success or failure of your marriage lies in both of you…Marriage is in your control.” I agree with that. As we are united as ONE, husband and wife, we are both accountable to make the marriage “work” and last for a lifetime. On the other hand, she told us, “Be thankful that God has given him to you as a lifetime partner.” That is once again true. We should be thankful that God has given us our dear husbands who will always be there to love and help us in every step of the way, until we get old.

As I am going on reading book, I can relate on ALMOST ALL of what she said. I am not newly wed or “almost” wed, but the things she shared on her book pierced my heart and mind a lot. Everything she said is a reality in a married a life. You could learn a lot of things that could make a BIG difference and HELP you to be a BETTER wife.

Let me share also with you some points from her book that hooked me:

“Expect that your spouse will make you feel miserable at times. He would make you feel unloved. He would make you feel insufficient…Because he is not perfect…You are not perfect either.”

Yes, we are not all perfect. He may have let you down sometimes, but we may not also be aware that we also make him feel bad at times. All we have to do is understand him, understand each other. Learn to FORGIVE. HOLD ON to each other.

“Learn to appreciate your husband.”

Like what Vivien said, there is NO PERFECT TIMING for that. We can show appreciation in every little thing he does. Simple things may mean GREAT things. He would feel being MORE LOVED for that. It will NOT COST A PENNY to say, “Thank you, I appreciate it,” or just simply, “Thank you.”

I practice this one and my husband, too. There was a time I asked my husband (after cooking a meal), “Pa, masarap ba luto ko?” Then he will respond, “Isa sa mga dahilan kaya kita pinakasalan ay dahil sa masarap kang magluto.” And he’ll repeat the “all-time” saying, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This made me blush (haha!). See, this is a simple (and cute ^_^) way to appreciate your partner.

“Trust…Trust that he will provide and protect.”

One recent event (or trial) that we have encountered was financial shortage because both of our sons got sick a couple of weeks ago and our budget was spent on medicines for them. One night, I came home from work and my nanny told me that there were only a few scoops of formula milk (just enough for the night) left for my babies. My mind was already on a panic mode and my heart beat faster. We still need to wait for a week more before we could get our next salary and my money at hand is not enough to buy them milk. My hands were shaking while I grabbed my phone and I found myself crying while texting him this: “Pa! I-text mo ako agad pag nabasa mo ito.” My husband texted back asking why and what happened. I told him the reason. Then he replied to me, “Panu na?” Though my mind instructs me to tell him that he should know what I mean, and he should DO SOMETHING, I did not. I replied to him sadly, “Ewan ko. Sana makabili ako agad ng gatas nila the first thing in the morning. 😦 ”

 I was worried the whole night and fell asleep around 1am. An hour passed, hubby came knocking at the door. He handled me an eco-bag with a big can of formula milk. He then told me, “Naiiyak ka na kanina ano?” I hugged him. I was speechless.

This scenario flashed back to me when Vivien said in her book, “Trust them. Trust that they can. Trust that they will do their best for our sake.” I got nothing to say but, hey, IT IS TRUE INDEED!

There are a lot more I have discovered and learned from this book. Respect… Accepting Differences… Communication… Sex (Yes, sex. ^_^)… Spoiling your husband… Quality time together… Budgeting… And GIVING BACK TO GOD.

At the end of each chapter is a special section where you:

  • Reflect – about yourself and your marriage

  • Read – related Gospel readings (from the Bible)

  • Respond – your action plan

  • Rest in Him – write a personalized prayer

  • How was it? – keep track of what’s happening in your marriage

There is also a “bonus” section in every chapter, “Real lives of real wives”. This includes testimonies of women with happy and contented married life where you can also get some tips based on their different experiences.

Let us all enjoy the married life and be the BEST wife we can be…NOT JUST in the eyes of our husbands but in the eyes of God. Kudos Vivien! Thank you for sharing this wonderful book!


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REVIEW: Mischka Intense Hair Moisture (Hair Treatment)

One of my “first-world” (insert laugh here) problems is having a dry hair. (Haha!) It is because I often have my hair dyed. Yeah, it’s nice to have a colored hair but it is hard to manage when it became dry and frizzy.


Yesterday, I received a package from Mischka Derma Secret. One of the products I got is the Intense  Hair Moisture (Hair Treatment). And I said, “Wow, this is very timely for my crazy hair!” 🙂


What I like…
> The packaging is cute…very feminine.
> It has the product details and directions for use on its cover.
> At the back, you can see the content/ingredients, the manufacturing and expiry date. It’s informative and you don’t need to worry on when it’ll expire because these important information are already shown on its label.

Room for improvement…
> Since the directions for use includes rinsing with water, I need to place this in our bathroom, therefore it is expected to get wet while in use. However, the label is not waterproof. When it gets wet, it dissolves: the letter/writings and the sticker itself.
> The ink from the label stains your fingers, too.
> Misspelled word on the label: Itense – Intense.

These are only minor things though, but still can help for their products’ packaging especially if they are targetting for export quality.
What I like…
> The consistency is not too thick and not too thin. It is creamy and not flowy.


> It smells great!
> It’s like a hair spa treatment. I love the result. You can feel the softness of your hair after use. And your hair feels light too! (Magaan talaga, yung pakiramdam na para kang bagong gupit. Hehe!)
*Insert song here*
Ang gaan, gaan ng feeling…
Ang gaan, gaan ng loob ko sa’yo…
Alam kong di ako magsasawa…
Dahil ang gentle mo naman…
(Ang lakas maka-90’s hahaha!)

Size: 200g
Price: Php 350 (It’s affordable because you will only use this twice a week.)
Ingredients: Water, Cetearyl, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, sodium citrate, benzyl alcohol, hydroxycitronellai
Where to buy: Online
Will I recommend it? YES.