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A Day with Dad


Dapat lang we make dad feel loved on Father’s Day!


He is a provider, a hero, and a friend all wrapped into one—he is dad. And there’s no better time to show our dads how much we appreciate them for being the pillar of the family than on a day specially dedicated to all the fathers out there.


Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, encourages us to express our love to our dads with the Dapat Lang advocacy campaign, where it emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing for the family, for others, and society as a whole.

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Top 5 Out of Office Reply Templates

It’s a public holiday today in the Philippines for the commemoration of the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain on June 12, 1898.



Last Friday, one of my  not so new (^_^) colleague at the office asked me on what I can suggest to put in her out of office reply email for the coming holiday on Monday (today). So now, I’ve come up with this blog post to share with you some ideas on what to write in your professional out of office email replies.


Here’s “my” top 5 O-O-O replies that you can use:



Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office with no email access. I will be returning on (date of return). If you need immediate assistance, you may reach me at my mobile – (your mobile number).


But of course, you don’t want to be bothered while you’re on a holiday, right? In this case, you may also assign those who need immediate assistance to your colleagues based in other offices (other countries) who can also do the same thing (or has the knowledge/authority to perform such task/s).



I will be out of office on (date) returning (date of return). During this period, I will have limited access to my email. If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact (contact’s name) at (contact’s email).


or, you can use this one:



I will be out of office today. If you need immediate assistance while I’m away, please email (contact’s name and email address).


You can also be polite enough and utilize this template, too:



Thank you for your email. Your message is important to me and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Thank you.


And if you are so-workaholic and you think you can have a time to check your emails intermittently, you can try this:



It’s a public holiday and I’m out of office. However, I will be taking period breaks to check my emails occasionally while I’m away. If this matter isn’t time -sensitive, rest assured that I’ll respond when I’m back in the office. But, if this is an urgent request, please resend any messages that require my immediate attention with a subject line of “URGENT: (original subject)”


Bonus FUNNY and UNIQUE out of office email:


Thanks for your email. I’m currently out of the office, returning on [date]. I’ll respond to your message then.

While I won’t be quite as far as Neptune, I will still be completely disconnected from my inbox until my return. So, if you require immediate assistance, please send your email to [contact’s name] at [contact’s email].


So, there you have it. TURN ON your out of office replies now and have a good break.


Happy Independence Day, Philippines!




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Father’s Day Gift Idea by TechnoMarine

Any man can be a FATHER but it takes someone special to be a DAD.



Show your dad how much he is loved with TechnoMarine!


This coming Father’s Day, give your dad a timeless gift from TechnoMarine, one which perfectly embodies his tough  and strong nature, yet also captures his passion to live deeper.


Photo shows UF6 models, combination class and adventure.


With 30% discount on selected men and unisex TechnoMarine watches, dad can finally feel how much he is appreciated and respected. Let this Father’s Day be a special occasion to honor dad and reward him of his enduring love and efforts with TechnoMarine.


This promo runs from June 1 – 18, 2017.


Visit TechnoMarine boutiques at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM City Cebu, SM Lanang Premier, TriNoma, Greenbelt 3, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza, and all MyDiamond boutiques nationwide, or follow TechnoMarine on Facebook: and follow them on Instagram @technomarineph.



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Get Better in Conversation by Avoiding the Word “VERY”

“VERY” is an extremely used adverb. Let’s give it a break! There are a lot of words you can use to replace the adverb ‘very’ which can definitely broaden your English communicating skills.


‘VERY’ needs some rest, too!



Instead of saying “very noisy”, try to use DEAFENING.

The firecrackers were so deafening that made my ears tingle.



You can simply say BASIC, right?

The procedure is basic. You can follow it without other’s assistance.



If you’re referring to an extreme fear, use TERRIFIED instead of the two words “very scared”.

She’s terrified of these terrorist attacks.



Say, you have watched a great performance and wanted to commend it as a ‘very powerful’ performance, try to use COMPELLING.

It was a compelling performance. I love it!



Yes, this means one has a great deal of money but in place of this, you can say WEALTHY. As simple as that but avoiding the word “very”

They should dig deep from the wealthy men for charity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pass a Phone Interview


A good CV is not enough to get you a job. Most of the companies want you to go through phone interview first. If you have applied for a job, ALWAYS be ready ’cause your phone might ring any time for an interview.


Here are some tips to ace a phone interview:



Be prepared! This is a REAL interview! NEVER let your interviewer feel that they are interrupting what you are currently doing. Impress your interviewer so that you can make it to the next step.




Do some research. “Google” the company. Check what and how they are doing. Read about them in the news and scour their website. These are vital so that you will have more confidence during the interview.




Go to a quiet room. Take out all distractions including television. Don’t just put it on mute. Turn it off! You have to focus on the interview alone. Do not shuffle papers on the background. Close the window to block out street sounds.


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5 Tips on How to Make Your Moms Feel Special and Loved on Mother’s Day

Who needs super heroes when I have MOM?

Mother’s Day is a time for people to thank their moms for their never-ending sacrifices for the family. After all, they assume different roles round-the-clock just to make our lives comfortable – a chef to prepare our meals every day, a doctor to tend to us when we are sick, a teacher to help us with school work and life problems, a CEO of the household, our protector to make sure we are always safe, and so many more!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Solane, the leading provider of LPG solutions, reminds everyone to show their love and appreciation to the woman who ceaselessly devotes herself to the family. This occasion is another moment that falls in perfectly with Solane’s Dapat Lang campaign, a program that emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, for the family, for others and society as a whole.

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Top Social Manners You Should Teach Your Child

What is an etiquette? It refers to socially acceptable behavior. It means good behavior which distinguishes human from animals.

At a very young age, you should teach your child how to behave well and how to respond correctly especially to elders. This way, you can be proud to let everyone know that you have raised a good person.

Let me share with you the top social manners that every children should know.


  1. Say PLEASE when asking.

  2. Say THANK YOU when receiving.

  3. Say EXCUSE ME when you have to pass by or if you need to go out/leave an ongoing conversation esp in class or group conversation.

  4. Look IN THE EYES when talking to someone.

  5. LET others to FINISH before you speak.

  6. Shake hands FIRMLY.

  7. Say po or opo, yes ma’am or yes sir when talking to grown ups.

  8. GREET people with “Hi!”, “Hello!”, or “How are you?”.

  9. Say SORRY when you’ve done something wrong.

  10. OPEN DOORS for others or OFFER help.


Teach these things to your children in a nice way and avoid yelling just to let them know what they should do. Why? Yelling silences your message. Speak quietly so children CAN HEAR YOUR WORDS instead of just your voice.