United Nations Celebration Does Not Excite Me

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UN Celebration does not excite me UNTIL it became the FIRST EVER school program that my son participated with.

When I learned that Kinder 2 will be joining this year’s UN Celebration, I right away checked if a specific national costume will be assigned to them so that I can plan for Aki. I found out that he’ll be part of two production numbers. The first one is a dance number, “Jai Ho”, in which they will pay for a set of costume, and the second is a song (chorale) and interpretative number, “Yesterday’s Dream”, where they will wear a costume of their chosen country.

So, for the first part, I don’t have a problem anymore since the costume will be provided and we’ll just have to pay for it. For the second one, considering our “tight” budget, I thought of re-using the American suit set that he wore during my cousin’s wedding last June. I’ll thought of adding more USA accents like Uncle Sam’s hat, USA flag and a sash.

His Uncle Sam’s hat is a DIY hat made by yours truly.


illustration board/cardboard
red cartolina/red art paper
dark blue cartolina/blue art paper
paper plate
double adhesive tape/glue
packaging tape

This hat is very easy to make. Cut the red strips and glue them in the illustration board (as seen in the above photo) and then a longer blue strip and glue it horizontally at the bottom. Then join the ends of the illustration board to form a cylinder with a packaging tape. Measure a round shape of red cartolina at the top of the cylinder, cut and stick it with double adhesive or glue. Cut the middle of the paper plate (round), be sure to leave extra half inch to fold and stick inside the cylinder. Then measure the garter to your child and staple it at the two sides of the hat. That’s it!

So, before the UN Celebration comes, we were practicing the dance and the song number. We first run through the song and memorized it with Yoshi. I’m so glad that there’s YouTube that we were able to find the steps for the interpretative production number (my son told me it has the same steps) so we were able to practice well. And for the “Jai Ho”, since I don’t know the steps, I just played and played the music and followed how my son dances. Atleast, he got me and Yoshi as backup dancers so he won’t get bored practicing.

And then, the most-awaited school program came! We were so early at school so prepared. My younger son was a little jealous that he also wanted to wear a costume. I told him that next year, he’ll join them. 🙂

And as mentioned, they wore the costume of their chosen country…

I haven’t uploaded the video of the second part of their presentation on YouTube yet so for the meantime, if you want to see the steps of the song “Yesterday’s Dream” or their performance, you can watch it on my FB: https://www.facebook.com/sharijansen/videos/a.1304984336200963.1073741913.100000682285520/1305771812788882/?type=3&theater

Overall, it was a success because my son joined the rest of his classmates and didn’t have tantrums the entire program. Now I’m looking forward to the next school program. Bring it on! 🙂 Continue reading

National Bookstore Summer Day Camp 2016!

Still thinking what, where and which summer workshop to choose for your kids? You may wanna check this out…


Create a DIY art project with Crayola this summer! Join the National Bookstore Summer Day Camp at these branches on any of these dates:

NBS Megamall – April 2, 3, 23, 24 (2-5pm)
NBS Greenbelt – April 9, 10, 16, 17 (2-5pm)

Registration is FREE but slots are limited to 25 per workshop!

Sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/WiLFTdIArI

Find them on FB/Instagram @OgalalaWorld or at info@oga-lala.com for inquiries.

DIY Block Letters

Alright, I am done with my simple personalized loot bags tutorial. Now, I am going to teach you how to make block letters from used milk boxes.


Block letters can be used as decorations for parties and occasions, or fun way to add personal touch to your baby’s or kid’s room.


Materials needed:

🔨 Old/Used Boxes
🔨 Ruler
🔨 Pencil
🔨 Scissors
🔨 Glue Gun
🔨 Glue Sticks
🔨 Masking Tape
🔨 Spray Paint
🔨 Letter Patterns (Optional)


Some stores sell block letters or pre-cut letters, but it would likely be more expensive.


Since I have collected a LOT of milk boxes, I’ll be using them for this project. That is one importance of NOT throwing things which you think could be recycled in the future.




Let’s get started!


First, draw your desired letter on the cardboard/box. You may use letter patterns if you have or draw them freely. In this case, I utilized our room’s floor puzzle letters and trace them.





Next, cut out those letters with your scissors. Curves might be hard to cut especiallyif you have big scissors; you may switch using smaller ones or if you don’t have, cutter can also do the job. Be careful!




Bear in mind that you have yo prepare front and back letters. Now, prepare the connecting strips to your desired width. I made my connecting strips 2 inches wide and cut many 10mm sizes on each side so that it will be more pliable and I can easily form the shape of the letter.




Once you have the strips, you may start lining them around the edges with the support of masking tape inside. Use glue sticks to join them with the letters. (I originally used liquid glue and paste them but it didn’t work so I decided to use glue sticks.)






Finish all the letters needed and make them lively with the help of spray paint. Mine was just simple, one color, I chose blue to match my son’s birthday theme. Let them dry. I suggest you buy a quick dry spray paint.






You can be as creative as you can to design the block letters. You may use different colors or you can add some accents like buttons, pebbles, or shells. Some like to put glitters, too.


Place them in a nice spot where your guests can easily notice.












Hope you liked this tutorial!



DIY Captain America Loot Bags

My son’s 5th birthday is coming and I am so much excited doing my yearly DIY decorations for his birthday party. Not only that I make it personalized but I also save money because I won’t need to order customized loot bags from party suppliers (which may cost higher).

The first DIY party needs that I will share with you is the loot bag. The theme for my son’s 5th birthday is Captain America. My sister and I had a little brainstorming on the design. Then, I bought the raw materials needed.


🎈 plain paper bag
🎈 ruler
🎈 pencil
🎈 blue foil (palara)
🎈 sticker paper
🎈 double adhesive
🎈 scissors

The paper bags I bought originally costs Php 15.00. I bargained 15 pieces for the price of Php 10.00 each. The vendor accepted. Yey!

I bought a cheap matte sticker paper. And then printed our design at my dad’s house. Haha! So, the print is totally FREE! 😊

Alright, so how to put them all together?

1. Measure the blue foil of the desired thickness. This one is measured as two inches in width. Then cut it.


2. Put double adhesive. I preferred using double adhesive rather than glue because it’s not sticky and messy to apply, and you won’t need to wait for it to dry. Attach it in the middle of the paper bag.


3. Cut the outline of the sticker. Our logo/design measures 3.5×3.5 inches.


4. Stick it at the middle of the paper bag. The sticker shows the party type (birthday), name of the celebrant, and “Thank you for coming”.


5. Cut another blue foil with the same width as the one we created earlier and stick it in the middle at the back of the paper bag.


6. Repeat the same procedure for the entire loot bags.


That’s it! Then put all the treats inside the personalized loot bags. Some of the suggeations are toys, candies, chocolates, and art stuffs. You can actually put anything that you think a child would love see upon opening the loot bag.

I have printed small logos, too. I will be using them to seal the loot bags once filled with treats.


Now, I’m finally done with one DIY project for my son’s birthday. It’s time to jot down my menu for tomorrow’s groceries. Good night! 😊