When Allergy Attacks on a Maundy Thursday

I know most of the families and friends are on a vacation today, and probably they spent it swimming in beaches or out of town. With me, I planned to spend this day preparing all the decorations for my son’s birthday on Sunday.

And since my grandmother is here in Cavite for the Holy Week vacation, my sister and I decided to do all these birthday projects at my mom’s house where she stays. When we arrived there, my dad showed us a live native chicken at their backyard which he said was bought from a neighbor the other day. My kids were excited to watch the chicken and at the same time afraid to go near.

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Banking Operations for Holy Week 2016

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Please be advised for the banking schedules of the major banks here in the Philippines for this coming Holy Week 2016.


  • BDO
    • Closed: March 24-27, 2016
    • ATM and online channels will be available


  • BPI
    • Closed: March 24-27, 2016
    • System maintenance: March 24 9PM – March 25 9PM (Banking channels will be unavailable during this period.)


  • China Bank
    • Closed: March 24-26, 2016
    • E-channels and Tellerphone will be available


  • EastWest Bank
    • Closed: March 24-25, 2016
    • Selected mall-based branches: open from 10am-5pm
    • E-channels and customer service hotline will be available


  • Maybank
    • Closed: March 24-27, 2016
    • E-channels will be available


  • Metrobank
    • Only selected branches will be open: March 24-27, 2016 (Visit their website to check the branches.)
    • FYI. No check clearing from March 24-27, 2016
    • All E-channels will be available.


  • PNB
    • Only selected branches will be open: March 24-27, 2016


  • PSB
    • Closed: March 24-27, 2016


  • UCPB
    • Closed: March 24-27, 2016


Have a peaceful Holy Week everyone and BE SAFE!



March 2016 Holidays (Philippines)

Heads up for advanced planning!

It has been declared by Malacanang last August 2015 that the REGULAR holiday for the Holy Week this 2016 would be:

  • March 24, 2016 – Maundy Thursday
  • March 25, 2016 – Good Friday

And how lucky I am with our company that we don’t have to go to work until Monday, March 28 because our practice is to off set Black Saturday holiday to Monday. You may want to check your company’s policy, too! 🙂

image source: https://image.freepik.com/free-vector/summer-holiday-free-vector_23-2147489678.jpg

However, if you’ll be working on regular holidays like these, here’s how to compute your pay:

image source: Official Gazette

But the best move for this coming holiday is to kneel down and pray. Let’s thank God for our blessings with our family.


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