How to Cope Up with Your Emotions

Problems and trials in life are everywhere. Some may have lighter problems than the others but yes, ALL of us are battling with different problems.

Sometimes, we experience problems that seems unbearable that we become too depressed and hopeless. Some are brave enough to fight until the end, and sadly, some give up and commit suicide. I admit that there are a lot of times that I feel to do the latter. It’s REALLY HARD. And as the cliché goes, “No one understands you unless they are in the situation.” TRUE! It may seem so easy to give advice and stuffs but once they are in, it’s the time they feel and realize how hard to manage it.

But what if you are like me? I am the type of person who doesn’t easily tell everyone how I feel or what I’ve been going through. It’s always me and me alone. I feel more secured and comfortable with that. And when all the problems and anger have been filled up, I BURST. That’s the negative part of it. But I still choose to handle it alone.

We all struggle to keep cool and smile in all sorts of situations that are happening to us. And how do we cope up with our crazy emotions when we experience overwhelming problems? I may not be an expert but let me share with you some tips on how can we AT LEAST TRY to deal with our emotions.

SUICIDE will never be an option or a solution. Above all, NEVER forget to PRAY and ask for HIS guidance so that you may surpass all the trials that you encounter.